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Topic: A Study About Double Stents Effectiveness in Extrahepatic Patient

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The double stents were successfully placed in all patients. Stent migration was not observed in any patients. Percutaneous drainage catheters were successfully removed from all patients. Mean serum bilirubin level, which was 8.9 mg/dl ± 5.6 before drainage, decreased significantly, to 2.2 mg/dl ± 0.4, one month after stent placement (p < 0.001). Clinical success rate was 95%. Median patient survival time was 135 days (95% confidence interval [CI], 101—169 days). Cumulative stent patency rates at 1, 3, 6, 9, and 12 months were 99%, 95%, 87%, 85%, and 85% respectively. Fifteen patients (11.1%) presented with stent occlusion due to sludge incrustation (n=12) or tumor overgrowth (n=3), and required repeat intervention. Tumor ingrowth was not observed in any of these patients. Complications including pancreatitis (n=3), acute cholecystitis (n=3), and hepatic abscess (n=2) occurred in eight patients.
Percutaneous treatment of malignant extrahepatic biliary obstruction using a double stent is feasible, safe, and effective in achieving internal biliary drainage.

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Re: A Study About Double Stents Effectiveness in Extrahepatic Patient

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