Topic: short not sure about sweet.

i've posted here a few times and confess to doing a lot more reading than being of any help.  having said that, i am a 5 year survivor of intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma as of this past february.

i am unable to even read the "board" postings anymore due to the vertigo i experience.  to see my ????? endless ??? history please go to and you can read back through the years.

unfortunately, i do not know when we will get the headaches and/or the vertigo and/or my blood pressure under control.  life has become a hard challenge and given the situation of our daughters we cannot expect them to be here to help on a regular basis....such is life.

if you could send some positive thoughts our way, we would appreciate it and i will continue to do the same for each of you.

oh yes, blue Xs continued mess of houdini form letters keeps me on the edge of insanity.  i was hospitalized briefly years ago when a love letter from my biological so called father arrived in the mail when my "babies" were 6 months, 2 years, and 4-1/2 years of age.  i also was kidnapped at the age of 19 and........there's more.... however, i know that so many of you have been through huge tragedy within your we each be given the strength to see us through..... i am not a particulary religious person, but i continue with hope......xoxoxo barb h  i will be unable to check this site for another few weeks.  thank you