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Topic: First Chemo Treatment

My dad had his first chemo treatment today.  Gem/Cis....

He says he feels fine and feels just the same as he did before treatment.  They gave him some antinausea medicine to take if he starts getting sick.  They gave him some before his treatment.

At least I can plan my trip around his chemo now.

Re: First Chemo Treatment

Good news Crissie and we hope for your good news to continue! You can now look forward to a great visit with no worries!

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Re: First Chemo Treatment

that's good news--we are 6 treatments in and my husband has done great with all of them so far (on same treatment)--he just experiences the "tired"

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Hi Crissie,

Great news about your dads treatment and I hope that the rest of it goes just as smoothly! Enjoy your trip to see your dad!!

Best wishes to you and your dad,


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