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Hello Everyone,

This is Barbara from New Hampshire. Percy and I will be attending DDW (Digestive Disease Week) in Orlando this Saturday, May 18th - Tuesday, May 21st. It is going to be a very hectic 4 days but, we are both free Saturday night - not sure about Sunday or Monday night yet - as if either of us  has the opportunity to meet with physicians, researchers, other advocates etc., we will always grasp any chance we can to raise awareness and gain contacts. If anyone on the board would like to meet up with us Saturday night - please let us know. It is always a pleasure to meet the faces of all of our Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation friends and families.

Send me a message if you are able to meet the amazing Percy and myself.

Warmest regards,

Re: DDW Orlando

Dear Barbara, I just want to thank all of you for attending the Conventions coming up now. We are so proud of you all and say kudos to you for giving the time you do for this CC site. No wonder we are getting so well known and learning more and more. We just cannot thank all of you enough.


Re: DDW Orlando

Hi Barbara,

Many thanks for this!! It is so very much appreciated by everyone all of what you and the others do when it comes to all of these conventions and meetings etc. I know that you and Percy will be very busy this weekend, but I hope that you manage to get a bit of free time and meet up with some other faces as well. Looking forward to hearing the report! Thanks again for everything!!



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