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hello everyone..
bad news!!! the cancer is back after 5 years... it is a metastase from the the tumor that tom have had 5 years is very small,
we have to wait 8 weeks to see if it is grow bigger..because only the pet scan see it..then he must go onder the mri..
they say we want to cut it out from the liver... but it must be bigger. then we can see where to cut... any suggestions are welcome
we are so scared..5 years ago they send us home cancerfree and now it is back..i don't think he will  ever be cured about this cancer.

thanks everyone and god bless you all


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Dear Moontje, I am so sorry to hear this. In a strange way it may be a blessing in disguise. Those of you who have been in this site a while know that it is no secret that the only real cure is surgery, so that would mean they feel if it grows a little they will then be able to do surgery and I know its weird but Surgery in this case may be a good word. With that said, I would still get a 2nd opinion! Tom was luckier than most as he has had 5 years and that is so much better than just a few years ago. Yes, I would get a 2nd opinion. I forgot, where is Tom being treated? It is normal to feel scared but I know you will gather all the strength you can because Tom will need you to be strong. I don't know that much about the liver as Teddy's never went there but I am wondering if it is possible that someone else may suggest chemo instead?  You never know how strong you are until "strong" is the only choice you have! I know you will fight one day at a time and since it is very small this may all be easier to deal with. Please keep us posted and best wishes.

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Hi Moontje,

I'm sorry to hear your latest news about Tom. I know that you both must be gutted about this but please do not give up hope, and certainly do not give up fighting! I so agree with everything that Lainy has said to you and it is time once again to put on the fighting gloves! There are options out there and I know that you will be told more about them over the coming weeks.

Please keep us informed about everything and what is being said to you and we will help out as best as we can. You know that we are all here rooting for you and Tom as well.



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Dear Moontje,

So sorry to hear your news.  I can only imagine your sadness and fear, but I hope that the news that they can take it out is giving you some comfort.

Sounds like this was detected on a PET scan.  I was wondering if  they did  a biopsy of any sort to confirm it is CC?

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moontje....My heart goes out to you.  We just don't expect an occurrence this many years out.  The good news is that they have found it. Moontje, in 2009 when you joined this site, less treatment options were available however; things have changed. And, we see much more aggressive approached taken by the physicians. We have numerous repeated surgeries and much more aggressive surgeries too.   I am wondering whether you might want to also make an appointment with an interventional radiologist? 


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Just back from DDW and read this message.
If I were you, I will do what Marion said, go to see an interventional radiologist ASAP ; if the mets are in the liver ONLY , AND if the numbers of tumors are less than 3-4 and the sizes are < 3-4 cm each ; RFA OR MICROWAVE will be the choice of treatment unless the location of tumor dictated RFA is not possible, stay in hospital one day for observation and go home the next day If no complication. And the result will be in par with resection when the size  and number  of the tumor are small and few.
MRI is the best tool to see  when tumor is small and/ or near the major vessels.

God bless.

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Re: cancer back

Darn cancer.....sending prayers.

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