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Topic: Oncolytic Viruses - Has anyone investigated for CC

A friend with Pancreatic cancer, not the same as CC but some similarities, is considering oncolytic virus clinical trials.
Has anyone here done any research on this or know if it being used for CC.
A web search on oncolytic virus  will turn up multiple hits.  Here is one example.

http://www.cellgenesys.com/what-are-onc … uses.shtml


7/21  Another link and short copy about the Sloan Kettering research which is described in more detail in the link.

http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/quer … t=Abstract

Cholangiocarcinoma is treatable with combination virus-radiation therapy
April 11th, 2006

According to a study from the United States, cholangiocarcinoma is treatable with oncolytic herpes simplex virus (HSV) combined with external beam radiation therapy.

   "Replication-competent oncolytic HSV, modified by deletion of certain viral growth genes, can selectively target malignant cells. The viral growth gene gamma1 34.5 has significant homology to GADD34 (growth arrest and DNA damage protein 34), which promotes cell cycle arrest and DNA repair in response to stressors such as radiation (XRT)," wrote W.R. Jarnagin and colleagues, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. "By upregulating GADD34, XRT may result in greater oncolytic activity of HSV strains...

Source: Virus Weekly (2006-04-11)

Re: Oncolytic Viruses - Has anyone investigated for CC


Very interesting.  Could you tell me where the clinical trial will be taking place ?  Any any other information about it eg is it a stage 1 or stage 2 trial ?


Re: Oncolytic Viruses - Has anyone investigated for CC

I only know what I've found with some internet searches.  Perhaps contacting Sloan Kettering directly would get some answers.