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Topic: My wonderful gastroenterologist

Hi all,

Just got back from a procedure that my husband had with the same gastroenterologist  that diagnosed my CC.  When he came in to give us the results he brought a resident who said "Dr. Kaul told me all about you and I just want to say congratulations, you are a miracle."  I thought that was so very nice.

On the flip side, my poor hubby had 9 polyps in his colon (1 being very large).  They were all removed but the doc said he has an abnormal colon and needs to come back in 3 months to see how the colon has healed.  He will also be on yearly colonoscopies.  I have to say that this is the first time I have been the caregiver and not the patient and it is very very stressful.  I applaud all of you out there taking care of someone!!!  I can now truly empathize with all you caregivers out there...I waited for 3 hours to go in and see him for what was supposed to be a 30 minute procedure.  Granted the doc was running behind, so it didn't start until later than expected, however, I did not know this and I was very nervous in the waiting room.

It's a entirely different perspective and I am not sure which is worse, patient or caregiver.  I guess I will choose to be neither!!!

Just thought I'd share.


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Re: My wonderful gastroenterologist

Randi....I have only been on the caregiver side, but I must agree that it is not easy on those standing by a loved one through any type of procedure.  It is nice to read an objective observation from someone on both sides of the issue. 
Wishing for your husband to heal quickly and for you both enjoy the upcoming long weekend.


Re: My wonderful gastroenterologist

Randi, I think being the patient is much easier too.

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Re: My wonderful gastroenterologist

Hi Randi,

I second the feeling most feel - that being the patient is easier.  My daughter, who is 31 years old, is totally involved in my care.  She has the stress of driving me into NYC for every appt, which is sometimes three times a week.  The best commute for us is 1.5 hours and that's on a good day.  Even then the traffic and construction between NJ and NY is horrendous.

She sits through every appt and here's the news about how serious this is and the difficulty in trying to save the little bit of liver I have left.  I see the look on her face and, as her mother, want to take away her pain.  Then I remember I am causing her pain and my heart breaks a little each time this happens.  She is a social worker and has always been a very optimistic person but I see her losing her optimism and that hurts me too.  I stay strong for her and tell her I will fight this every step of the way and do everything I can to survive.

Sorry for going on so but your post brought up a lot of emotion in me.

I do hope your husband's situation turns out positive.  The yearly colonoscopies are a good precaution for watching for any other issues.  As we all know, early detection is the key for a good outcome.

Take care and have a good holiday weekend.


Re: My wonderful gastroenterologist

Thanks for that Randi and I sure hope that your husband starts to feel a lot better very very soon!

I too have been and am still on the carers side so can't really comment on which is or is not easier. But the nervousness, waiting around, anxiety, stress, tension, emotions and everything else that comes with being a carer, yep I can sure relate to all of that! I sooo hope that your husband is not as stubborn as my mum can be Randi!! Banging your head off a brick wall for years on end can get very painful!!



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