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Hi all,

I just returned from NIH this week. My scans showed minimal growth, like in 1-2 mm in only a couple of tumors in my lungs. Considering I have several tumors in both lungs and I think 4-6 in my liver...that have not grown, I am still happy with this news. We are just watching for now, I go back in the middle of August for next checkup. They have a formula for everything and won't consider it progression of disease until a certain percentage of growth. At that time I could possibly repeat the treatment, depending on the consensus of the doctors, or look for a different trial.

I am still happy with the trial results for me, I only wish that it would work for someone else as well. There is still so much of the unknown. I know for me, not having to do chemo, gave me great quality of life this past year and amazing time with my family. I still don't know what the future holds but I remain optimistic and hold on to my faith. Always thinking of you all, my fellow cc fighters....God Bless.....Melinda

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What great news Melinda!!  Congrats.  You must feel so relieved and elated.  I am glad you are able to enjoy life and treatment is holding the CC at bay.

You are a miracle!


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Re: Update from NIH trial

I am so happy to read your news!! Yay for you!! And hopefully some cheers for some more cc patients soon!

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Re: Update from NIH trial

So happy for you! Praying for continued healing.

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Re: Update from NIH trial

Hi Melinda,

Thanks for letting us know how things are going and this is excellent news! I am well chuffed for you and hope for further good news when you get your next tests in August. Will definitely be keeping my fingers crossed for you and please let us know how that goes as well.



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Re: Update from NIH trial

Hi Melinda~

I'm new to this.  I'm wondering what treatment you are on.

Best of luck,