Topic: PDT therapy for cc vs chemo

Does anyone have any experience with PDT therapy for someone who has an ERCP also? My mom just got her ERCP tuesday of this week.  PDT sounds like a hope for survival and I am in contact with an MD in Virginia who just did a study...

Marion mentioned they do PDT at UCSF Mt Zion.  I think others have tried it elsewhere in the US.

Finally has anyone done PDT then done chemo and how did that go?

Doesn't this cancer drive you nuts?



Re: PDT therapy for cc vs chemo

Hi Carolyn,  Welcome to Cholangiocarcinoma. Org. I'm sorry to here about your Mom though, but surely hope her stent placement went okay.  We actually have a member who had stent placement for a while and recieved othe treatments and now has the stent removed and doing very well.  I am not sure if PDT Therapy was part of their treatment or not.  PDT Therapy has been quite successful for extending life for at least five years that I know of and it can be used in conjunction with chemotherapy as well. Also chemotheray can be used with stent placements as well.  I personally have not had PDT myself but others have.  MD Anderson is highly respected in dealing with CC.  You can click on cholangiocarcinoma above and you will find a list of Major treatment centers.  Also type in PDT Therapy in the google bar above where you'll find a wealth of information. Yes ! this cancer drives you crazy.  I just passed my 9th year of battling this monster and I'm going to keep on trucking.  Hope is always around the corner.  Beings treatments are differently effective or not with each individual you will have to try what you feel is best and if it don't work you try something else. Don't ever take no for an answer until you have gotten 2 and 3 opinions as there is a difference of opinions throughout the medical field of what can or can't be done.  Again, welcome and sorry you had to search us out.  Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.  Ther is a wealth of knowledge on this site. It might take a day or two before someone picksup your question or they my be right there while your posting reading other posts.  This is a very open site with many opinions of personal experiences.  There is no such thing as a dumb question on this site.  Tell your Mom to hold her chin high and let this disease know who is in charge.
God Bless,
Jeff G.

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