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Hello everyone,

It's been a little while since I posted,
Just a little background on my dad ; he was diagnosed with extrahepatic cc back in late march 2013 , had Whipple surgery May 6.   Recovery was hard the first few weeks after surgery but my dad is doing a little better every day , he no longer uses a cane to walk around and his incision has healed very well. lost 10 pounds after surgery but he is not losing weight , his appetite is coming back again . I though since he had type 2 diabetes that healing was going to be slow but he healed very fast, no complications as of yet. ( Fingers crossed)
We saw the oncologist about 2.5 weeks ago and my dad's cc is Stage 1 , 10 lymph nodes taken out and one came back abnormal.

The bad news oncologist told us it that pathology revealed NeuroEndocrine cancer/tumor was found in the abnormal lymph node. They are very surprised and did not expect this , they dont know where it came from .

Once again we are going through this , he just came out of surgery not so long ago and now this?!!
I'm very , very sad I feel horrible that my dad is going through so much . My dad hasn't really said much about this , all he says is that if that is what God wants then he is ok with it . I feel in a way that he wants to give up and that breaks my heart ( or whatever little I have left , since it has been broken ever since first diagnoses) ;(   
I work in a medical office and the specialist I work with told me that that seems very strange and that I should send pathology slides for second opinion which I already did.   We sent them to the Mayo clinic 1.5 weeks ago , the nurse from my dad's pcp told me today that Mayo already received them but now they are requesting more records/reports and slides. I don't know if we should take that as good news or bad, maybe they don't see anything? I pray to God that they say he is clean !!
My dad is scheduled to get a Brain MRI, PET scan and abdominal ct scan these next few days to see if they see any spread .  I just don't understand why they didn't see this before.

I will keep everyone updated.

Thanks for listening

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Letty.....I am so sorry to hear of the latest developments, but still have hope that your Dad will be able to deal with this also; assuming that Mayo concurs with the diagnoses of NeuroEndocrine cancer.  Your Dad's prognoses with stage I Cholangiocarcinoma  is about as good as can be and he recovered well in spite of his diabetes, I want to believe that his outlook will be equally as good should indeed another problem surface.
For right now I am keeping my fingers crossed and sending tons of good wishes your way.  Please keep us posted - we care.


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So glad to hear that your dad is recovering well form his surgery.  It's a long process this recovery from a Whipple and it's a good sign that he is starting to bounce back so quickly. 

I am sorry to hear of the latest challenge, but sending the slides et al to Mayo is a fabulous idea and I hope you receive good news.  Regardless, I have no doubt that whatever comes his way that your dad will handle it with the same grace he has handled everything so far.  You are a great advocate for your dad and he must feel so comforted by having your help through this all.

Take care and keep us updated.


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Re: Update on my dear daddy

Dear Letty,

I am very sorry to hear this news about your dad. He has been through so much as have you and I hope that Mayo will provide many answers and options to deal with the NeuroEndocrine Cancer. Please stay strong Letty as your dad will need you there by his side as he goes through this.

I am glad to hear that his whipples went well and also to hear that his recovery is going so well too. My fingers are crossed that his recovery continues to go as smoothly. As far as a diagnosis of CC goes, like Marion says, Stage 1 is about as good as it gets.

We are here for you Letty. Let us know how everything goes for your dad.

My best wishes to you and your dad,


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Letty, fabulous idea to get another opinion. Tell Dad I would love if he changed his saying of 'Gods will" to..."now that we know what it is, lets take care of it"! Best of luck and please keep us in your loop! Stay strong!