Topic: Radioembolization...Sequential Lobar versus Whole Liver approach?

I ran across this article on whole liver versus sequential lobar approach with radioembolization:

They documented a very significant risk difference between treating the whole liver in one go versus treating each lobe of the liver over two procedures.

The conclusion is:

"Noncirrhotic patients undergoing sequential lobar radioembolization had less hepatic toxicity compared to whole liver embolization. The sequential approach should be the preferred strategy."

This is pretty concerning for me since the Stanford docs are suggesting a whole liver radioembolization.  Hopefully they can explain the issues to me at our next meeting and justify their approach.

Just thought I would raise the issue to others considering the procedure.


Re: Radioembolization...Sequential Lobar versus Whole Liver approach?

My sister had whole liver treated w y90 at Stanford in Jan and did great. Her liver is functioning well. First we thought they were going do do the two halves separately. (Both hemispheres.) Also she had to have to the preliminary surgery to "map" and "coil" (block off alt routes to keep y90 in place).  So having only 2 surgeries instead of 3 has its pluses (one being less gen anesthesia).  Only one case but thought Id chime in. Willow