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Topic: Interventional radiologist Dr. Moestlein volunteer consult for members


Below is an email that describe how helpful Dr. Moestlein to all his patients, so if our members had questions about seeking treatment in the procedure below please email him for his expertise like I do.
God bless.

Email attached as below:


I am very comfortable discussing patient questions on all locoregional therapies, as well as discussions on basic surgical and/or radiation therapy. I perform on a regular basis catheter directed therapies (chemoembolizations, radioembolizations, bland embolizations, Chemosaturation (or PHP)) as well as ablative treatments (cryo, RFA, microwave and IRE). I am happy to review and weigh in - I have a particular interest in cholangiocarcinoma - so helping the community would not be a chore.

My best contact info is:
Email: fmoeslein@gmail.com (I prefer the gmail as it is easier for me to access anywhere)

Feel free to send me requests for input whenever you think I can help.

Enjoy your 4th.


Fred M. Moeslein, MD, Ph.D
Assistant Professor
Interim Director, Division of Vascular and Interventional Radiology
University of Maryland School of Medicine
Department of Diagnostic Radiology and Nuclear Medicine
22 S. Greene Street, Room N2W76
Baltimore, MD 21201
E-mail: fmoeslein@umm.edu

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Wow, how nice!

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That is brilliant Percy! Thanks so much for that!

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