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This was sent to me a while ago. I thought I'd share it with you. It was written for a young woman who was battling cancer for the second time. (I don't know what happened to her)

Cancer is not funny, but laughter is the best medicine!

Why would I laugh at cancer?

Sounds like and honest question, doesn't it? The short answer: Terrorism. If you don't laugh at cancer, the terrorists win. Huh? Hang on, before you write me off as some sort of deranged, paint-sniffing lunatic, let me attempt to elaborate:

When I say terrorists, I'm not talking about those blood thirsty radical extremists with a penchant for blowing stuff, as well as themselves, I'm talking about those mischievous little cancer cells which have attempted to hijack your body. Much like their real world counterparts, cancer thrives on fear and uncertainty. When you take all the dread and uncertaintude away, cancer loses much of it's power and influence inside the microcosm that is your body.

Lastly, and most importantly, cancer (similar to terrorists) hates to be laughed ar, to be denied the respect and recognition of a dangerous and worthy adversary. A wiser man than I once said "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" If cancer detestss the joyous sounds of laughter and the positive emotions they accompany, then you can be sure laughter will be a formidable ally in your battle against cancer. That should be enough reason to laugh it up at cancer's expense.

"Don't just have minutes in the day; have moments in time."
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Kris, great article and glad to say I have always laughed at Cancer, Teddy's and mine! Wish it would work for U. Colitis. Sometimes if I laugh too hard I can be in big trouble!  Ha, Ha

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That's great, Kris. Thanks for sharing this fresh perspective!