Re: Newly diagnosed and scared


I want to add that my wife's diagnosis in April 2013 was similar to yours. And like you, she is young and healthy. She had multiple tumors, including one large tumor about the size you have. She also has lymph nodes impacted. Her liver was so damaged that we weren't sure she would even get chemo. But after 3 cycles of Gem/Cis we have seen reduction in the size of the liver tumors and the lymph nodes. The doctor was quite pleased and suggested further chemo cycles since it was proving effective.

If you can handle the Gem/Cis, this combination has become the standard initial treatment plan for non-resectable bile duct cancer. For my wife, the side effects are fatigue and nausea, but both are manageable.

You already have two major factors in your favor: your health and your desire. Both will be important as you begin this journey.

Keep up your health. It is important you stay physically strong and active. We also made nutritional changes to my wife's diet. We removed a lot of processed food and sugars - we figured the liver has enough work to do fighting the cancer and dealing with the chemo, it didn't need to process more toxicity.

Keep a positive attitude. Reach out to family and friends for support. They will want to help, but sometimes don't know how or don't want to impose. Having the positive attitude will get you through some tough days.

Wishing you success as you go forward.