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Hi Everyone, so my dad was supposed to have surgery to remove the left lobe of his liver where about 95-98% of the tumor is. Unfortunately he did not get cardiac clearance from his cardiologist so we can't do surgery. A portion of his heart was not receiving enough blood so they had 2 stents placed and he is now on blood thinners which is why surgery had to be postponed at least for the next 4 - 6 months. His doctors are now suggesting radiological embolization in the mean time so he doesn't spend the next 6 months not doing anything. Has anyone had any experience with this and can provide me with more information? I know there is a risk of the radioactive medicine going into "non-targeted areas" and a risk of liver failure. Thank you!!

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The following links may be of usefulness . … 860#p73860 … 071#p72071 … 824#p77824

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A Daughter's Wish, I cannot help you with your query but just wanted to let you know how bad I feel about your Dad. Like it's not enough to have one bad thing he has to have more! I know someone or ones will be along and maybe can help you more. Please keep us updated and Be Strong!