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Hello Everyone,

My father has been diagnosed with Type IV Hilar Cholangiocarcinoma and he is on chemo. I have read in a lot cases that Glutathione IV helps to regain immunity and strength since it is so rich in nutrients. But several oncologists have discouraged us from taking Glutathione. Anyone has explored this option? Would love to have your views on this!

Amrita Jain

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amritavjain, welcome to our remarkable family. Just wanted to welcome you but have never heard of Glutathione IV. I googled it and apparently it is supposed to be good for everything from infertility to hard of hearing to Cancer. IF it is a magic healer I wonder why more Doctors don't suggest it. If a few, not one but a few of the ONCs say don't take it, I certainly wouldn't. There are no magic cures for CC. There is an old saying that if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is not true. At any rate we always say, NEVER give a patient anything without first asking the ONC. Wishing you the best of luck and please keep us posted on your Father. Be Strong.


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Hi Lainy,

Thank you so much for the warm welcome!!
I have pasted here a link that had first introduced me to Glutathione.

This is what they say Glutathione is about :  Glutathione is body's last defence mechanism against marauding xenobiotics and diseases, often  lack of glutatione in the body may be  responsible for sickness even cancer.  In India Glutathione IV is sold under 3 names Basol plus by Cadilla, Glutan Inj. And Profusol by Claris. Glutathione can not be eaten as tablet/capsule; it will be a waste.

My understanding is that doctors here are not so much into new nutrition based treatment.

Awaiting your view on this.

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Amrita Jain, hi again. For myself I have never been one to do herbal or etc. as I have never seen anything that was tested with positive results. You have to do what you think best but by all means I wouldn't do anything the ONC does not approve of as it could hinder treatment. The best is nutritional foods. Lots of veggies and fruits and if your Father doesn't feel like eating there are some great Nutritional drinks available. Sometimes CC Patients can't eat 'big' meals so we recommend 'grazing' in food throughout the day instead of big meals. CC does not react like other cancers as it is very stubborn and the only real cure is surgery. So, we hope that patients can hang in and hang on for new discoveries and treatments. We have lots of HOPE here. And we have seen some Miracles as well. It will be interesting to see if anyone on our Board has heard of this. In the meantime I hope your Father is taking well to the chemo and I always say....Be Strong!


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i do not think Glutathione IV is approved by FDA here in the States as part of the treatment protocol for cancer and the like.
It is sold over the counter in every supermarket, like Walmart, in the dietary section. It is an amino acid (ie:protein building block ) and it sold as an anti-oxidant .
Our body produce it .
The following link may help those who wants to know more.(again be aware of the saleman talks )

God bless.

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