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Topic: Update on my mother (surgery done!)

Hi everyone,

My mom had her surgery (whipple) on Wed, Aug. 7th.  She went into surgery at 7:20 am, and came out of recovery at 6:00 pm.  The doctor said that the surgery was a difficult surgery because of her past surgery (her gullbladder was removed 15+ years ago), as the previous doctor did not do a good job (there was a lot of scar tissue).  In addition, she had pancreatitis around the tumor and also they had to remove a large vein, and reconstruct it.  She's doing well now, and has been walking daily with the nurse. We are all glad that the surgery is over (4 weeks waiting) and now we have to wait 2 more weeks for the pathology results.

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mphung...congratulations on a successful surgery.  Although,  difficult it appears that your Mom is doing rather well.  That is wonderful news.  I wish for continued success with her recovery and for the pathology report to confirm her prior diagnoses of early stage disease.
Please keep us posted. 


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Thanks Marions, I will keep you guys posted

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Glad to hear your mother is past her surgery and now healing.  I also had a Whipple and it takes about a year to get back to your new normal.  Healing is in small increments, but it does happen.  The largest thing to overcome is the feeling of depression that happens when you aren't able to do the things you did before quickly (like recovering from other surgeries).  It does get better over time.

Take care and best wishes to your mom.


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Dear MPHUNG, I am so happy to read of your Mom's successful Whipple and now it will just take time and patience. Sounds like she had a wonderful Surgeon! This is a rather long healing process and you will see improvement but slowly. Mom is also lucky to have you with her, you are a wonderful  daughter. I hope her recovery is a "quiet" one and please keep us posted on her progress. We have lots of "Whipplers" here who can help you.

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Glad to hear of your moms successful surgery! Here's hoping for good pathology results.

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Thanks everyone for the kinds words.

P.S. btw I'm actually her son lol

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Hi mphung,

That is great to hear that your mums surgery went so well, and yes it does indeed sound like a difficult one, I hope that her recovery continues to go smoothly and my fingers are crossed as well for the pathology results. Please let us know how they go and also keep us updated on how her recovery goes as well.

It sounds like your mums surgeon was very good and I wonder if you could please post who he/she was and post some info on this thread as I know that will be of great use to other members in the future? Thanks.

http://www.cholangiocarcinoma.org/punbb … hp?id=3126

My best wishes to you and your mum,


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