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Hello all,
My mother have a very small knife cut in her finger and we have to push like 5-7 minutes for the bleeding to stop.her stent replacement failed also trying the external drain failed and the doctor said he will try one more time to put a stent.
She is taking vitamin k while staying in hospital through iv but I wonder if taking it as a capsules or tablets will work and any shared experience related to blood clotting is appreciated

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I am very sorry to hear about your mother.  Unfortunately, I cannot give you any advice about taking vitamin K capsules.  Perhaps talking to the doctor about it might get you the answers you need. Maybe others will come along here to share personal stories of blood clotting issues.

I hope that the next attempt to place a stent is successful.

Best wishes.

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Re: stopping bleedig

Hello, I am also sorry to read about your Mother. I would make a list of all her prescriptions and Vitamins and give them to the ONC/Hospital to see if she is taking anything that would prevent clotting. I keep an ongoing list of all my Doctors and Prescriptions, and my daughter also carries my list with her so I am always prepared. Then I just update it in the computer. Best of luck on the stenting.


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Is your mum on Warferin or any other type of blood thinning medication?

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Hi Gavin,

No my mother do not take any blood thinning drug , even vitamin k she takes it in the hospital as the doctor says the capsules will not be good as no bile is flowing to the intestine

Thanks everyone for your warm feeling , you can not tell the meaning of surviving cancer or fighting it till you live it either yourself or a close member of your family

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Also you may want to look at other medications that she is taking. Some medications can increase bleeding times (taking longer to stop bleeding) such as aspirin, ibuprofen (Advil) and naproxen (Aleve). If it has been prescribed by an MD then I would talk about risks versus benefits before just stopping any medications. But a lot of people take those over the counter without thinking about it.
Also ask your pharmacist if any of the medications can cause thinning of the blood and longer bleeding time. Pharmacists are great resources when it comes to medications since it is their job.
Good luck !

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