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John couldn't have his chemo this scheduled week due to high platelet count! Can anyone tell me what it means? I coudn't go to his appt. as I was working so wasn't able to ask the Dr.
Also he's having  nausea. He tries to eat and as soon as he eats he feels as tho he's going to throw up. He's taking compazine but it isn't working, he's losing weight.
Any suggestions?

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Hi Charlene.., Did a little research and found that elevated platelets are called thrombocytosis and can be seen in people with or without significant medical problems. Can commonly be seen when a chronic inflammation is present which will causes infection. In other cases it can signal a more serious problem called myeloproliferative disorder(abnormal growth of blood elements within the bone marrow.  This is something I have not heard of before in these medical terms and I would probally ask for a better explanation from John's doctor.  Is it possible that the CC has got into his bone marrow?  I don't know just relaying information researched.  This would explain nausea and losing weight.  I'm not a medical doctor Charlene but it sounds like inflammation due to infection or mets to bone marrow. Please don't react on my research but get a good explanation from the Doctor. See what can be done . I think drinking ensure is not the answer.  It's so hard for me to even post this as it is research infor and not personal experience on this one.  I hope it  is the lesser of the two and antibiotics will clear up.  Myself I can't get or keep my platelets up to reach the normal range.  You may have already found your answer as I see your post was unanswered for a while. Wishing you and John the best.
God Bless,
Jeff G.

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Hi again,
I'm glad Jeff got back to me but John was confused. I checked his blood work the other day and his platelet count was LOW not high.

It's so hard to keep track of this chemo because I have to work. I have set up an email system with his Dr now so she can talk to me about each session.

His tumors were shrinking but he's been, ( in the last few days ), having more pain not less. I'm waiting for the Dr to get back to me on what can be causing it. He just had his fifth chemo session and after the next one he'll have another ct scan. I'm very nervous. He's losing weight again, his skin is starting to hang on him. He's eating but just like my Mom toward the end the cancer took all the food and left her nothing.

I do want you all to know I am doing better mentally even tho I think John is losing the battle. I've come to the point I'm praying for no pain instead of a cure. I believe he's going to Heaven and how bad is that. I will miss him terribly but I want what's best for him.

I'll write again after the ct scan.

God heal us all,

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You hold on. You can not give up on John yet, wait to the ct scan and then you will know more. The two of you are doing great and have been for awhile. Of course you want what is best for him, and right now that is holding onto hope until you know it is hopeless. We are here for you. You two are in my prayers every night, but I will be sending up another for strength-strength to fight and strength to accept. I know you have got to be tired and emotionally hitting the bottom of the bucket, but we are just a post away and we will refill that bucket for you!! Charlene, you are in my thoughts.


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Hi Charlene, let us know about the ct scan.  I'm sorry you and John are going through all this.  Prayers for all of us touched by cc.  Take care of yourself.


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Thanks so much for your prayers. I pray for you all everynight too.
I really hope there is good news with the ct scan but John is fading away and I want you all to know that I watched my Mom die from cancer so that is why I am praying for no pain.

I watched that movie the other day "P.S. I Love You" and that is the type of love I have for my husband. I want only that he not suffer!
Believe me, I still pray that God heal him every night, only now I add the words That if God decides to take him do it as painlessly as possible.

Yes I am at the bottom of the barrel as far as hope goes. I am tired and sad and everything else that goes with cancer.

I went to spend 4 days with my daughter and grandson because he graduated high school and as happy as that should have been, I felt totally disconnected to my family. Their life is happy and looking forward to new things, ( as it should be ) but all I can see is an empty house and sadness and lonliness in my future. John is their step father so they have a different way of thinking of him.
They are more concerned with me but they can never really know the utter
anguish and pain I am going through.

Well I've run on long enough. I thank each and everyone of you who pray for us. I love you all as family.

God bless and heal us all,

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charlene , I wish I could take away all the pain and suffering you are going through and especially praying for peace for you both.  I wish you strength and endless courage and faith which I beleive you already have.  Let the love of others carry you through this trial and beleive that God hears your prayers. Miracles happen.  Hugs to you both,deb

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my heart is with you and John.