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Hello, everyone.  I've been reading through the discussion boards for a while now, but I need to post so I don't get kicked out of the group!  Lot's of good info here and, most importantly, lots of support!!  My brother was diagnosed at the beginning of summer with bile duct cancer.  The cancer is at the top of the bile duct and a little ways into the branches in the liver.  He is receiving his care at UCLA.  He has gone through the liver transplant assessment, but hasn't heard the final word yet as to if he will be added to the transplant list.  We're hoping to hear today.  He already finished his radiation treatment (SBRT ) and will begin chemo this week.  The diagnosis was quite a shock because he's always been so healthy.  In fact now, he looks healthier than he has in a long time!  We have a very close family, but unfortunately, we all live far away from one another.  We are taking turns flying out to stay with my brother.  I wish we could be with him througout the whole time that he has to go through this.  Anyway, thanks in advance for your support and I'm so glad this forum exists (though I wish it didn't have to exist...)

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Welcome to this family! While none of us want to be here, we are here to support one another.
I hope your brother gets great news soon! Our Tiffany just received a liver transplant. It's exciting to see some of our members getting this chance!
Is a resection not an option?
It's amazing to hear how many of us have always been "healthy". That's what is so scary about this disease... The lack of symptoms and screening.
I'm sorry, tho, that you live so far away. I can also relate, as none of my family live near me. We have all scattered across the U.S. I often wish I could move to be near some of them, but at least I have good friends in my support group.
Good luck with your brothers assessment. I hope he gets on the list!

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Marksis....  Thanks for taking the plunge in joining our site. Given that your brother is well on his way for a possible transplant (radiation, chemo) I wish with all my heart that the much anticipated news will reflect a "go" for the transplant.  As Kris has mentioned there are no early detection methods in place for this cancer hence, the majority of patients are diagnosed with late stage disease.  In re: to your much recited comment:  he looks healthy, I recall speaking with a physician mentioning that medicine has come along way and we have learned that what we see on the outside does not necessarily reflect what is happening on the inside of the body.  So true it is in especially a disease such as this.
My fingers are crossed for the news today to be everything you wish for.
Please keep us posted - we are in this together.


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Thanks, Kris and Marion!

Resection is not an option sad

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Hi Marksis2,

Welcome to the site. Sorry that you had to find us all and I am sorry to hear about your brother. But I am glad that you've joined us all as you've come to the best place for support and help and you will certainly gets tons of each from everyone here.

Thanks for sharing about your brother and it sounds like he is doing really well after his SBRT, long may that continue! And that is great as well that he has been through the transplant assessment and I so am keeping my fingers crossed that he is able to have that done. There is a bit of info about the transplant procedure here on the site should you wish to read more about that and the search forum function will help with this. Hope that you will all get the good news that you are waiting for today.

If we can help in anyway then all you have to do is ask and we'll do our best to help if we can. Please keep coming back here as you are among people who know what you are going through right now and we care as well. And remember to keep us updated on how everything goes if you can, we are here for you.

My best wishes to you and your brother,


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Hello Marksis2 and welcome to our remarkable family but sorry you had to find us. Your brother is in good hands at UCLA and I hope you get good news today about being put on the "A" list! I know it adds extra stress to not be there with him but be strong and please keep us updated on the "news" front. We are all here for you and we all truly care!


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Welcome to the forum Mark.

It is incredibly hard living away from a family member that is sick - my sister was a 7 hour drive away from me.  You do what you can as a family and keep yourself well too.  There is so much support here - and as much as no-one wants to come here, you won't regret posting.


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Thank you all for your support!  I'll post as soon as we get the final word from the liver transplant committee.