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This has been a rough couple weeks for my mom. Chemos #5 and #6 really beat her up. She is very tired. She is starting to show early signs of depression. She doesn't get up or go out really at all. She is not eating and is getting anxious when she even thinks about food. Details - she was taking Compazine and Marinol but didn't like the foggy and forgetful feeling they were giving her. She went off of the Marinol without telling anyone because she decided it was that drug that was making her feel that way. When I found out, I emailed the onc and he said it could have been either or both, So she went off of those and tried Zofran but last week was her worst week yet and she still did not eat at all. Then yesterday we asked the nurse at chemo about it all and she said to try Ativan to help her sleep, to help as an anti-anxiety and to help with nausea. Ok, she got some with her chemo and she slept well last night and felt better today but she always feels good on Tuesdays because of the Aloxi.
Soooo-Ativan at night but she doesn't want to feel foggy or sleepy during the day. No Marinol and docs said no Megace because it can cause blood clots, which she is already prone too.   

This is my very detailed and long winded way of asking, which anti-nausea and appetite enhancing drugs have helped you? Which ones are we missing? because right now, we don't have an appetite enhancer and we don't even have a strategy for the day time.


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Antidepressants like Remeron (mirtazapine) will have the additional benefit of increasing the appetite but required a prescription by the doctor. it comes as 15mg or 30mg tablets.
Compazine 10mg,zofran 4mg or 8 mg ODT tablets for nausea and vomiting.

also check the link below. … nts%2bFail
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Hi Melissa,

I am sorry to hear your Mom is not feeling well. Lauren takes compazine and ativan for nausea. Another thing that makes her feel better when she is nauseous is to chew peppermint gum or drink a little ginger ale. She does not need an appetitie enhancer. She eats very well. It would be so easy to slide into depression. I feel like it might be happening to me at times. Lauren likes to stay busy and do a lot so I don't think she is depressed. I'm sorry I was not much help to you, but I sure hope your Mom starts feeling better soon.

Love, -Pam

My beautiful daughter, Lauren Patrice, will live on in my heart forever.

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Thanks PCL and Pamela. I assumed there would be a ton of different anti-nausea and appetite enhancing drugs to try before finding the right ones for her but maybe not. I might have to ask about Remeron because the Ativan is now starting to make her feel off balance and she fell and hit her head when she missed the chair as she was trying to sit down. Wow, who knew all the drug symptoms and combinations could be so tricky? You all did probably but I'm still new to this. July 13th will mark her 3 month diagnosis on April 13th and the learning curve is tremendous.

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Hi Melissa , my husband takes zofran for nausea.  It works really well for him but you can only take 1 every 12 hours.

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Marijuana and extracts thereof are extremely effective regarding these symptoms. It is possible to get this in the places that allow medicinal marijuana. You have to experiment with the dose as too much will knock her out and too little iis obvious. This is good for nausea and sleep poblems in addition to creating the munchies.