Dear Pam- I am so very sorry to learn of the passing over of your dear daughter Lauren. I do not visit this site as often since my husband died 2 years ago, though I think if my cc family often.
I hoped your story would be different- I am sorry Pam for you and your family and friends. I am sorry for Lauren so deserved so much more. Xxx


When I arrived at the end of the biking trail, I usually got off my bike, wipe the sweat off my face with my small clean 100% cotton towel, cool down in the shade, & drink ice cold water from my Camelback.  I usually hang my helmet on the biking handle, put my biking gloves in the helmet and pour some of the water from my Camelback on my face to cool down. 

All of a sudden, a Monarch Butterfly came out of nowhere, and sat on the side of my hanging helmet for the longest time.  I even took pictures of her.  Then a second Monarch Butterfly came and sat close to the first one for a while but then took off.  The first butterfly moved to the inside of my hanging helmet and sat on the my biking glove, so I started taking pictures of her with my iPhone.  I knew that was my Mother!!!  The butterfly was there for the longest time and I just admired it and waited until she was ready to fly off again, which she eventually did.  Is that odd or what?  I wish we could post pictures here as I would have done just that.

I still have my train wreck days and then my okay days.

Bless you all!



Desiree, I just posted on your other link first. We were of the same mind here today. I believe that was your Mother. A Butterfly is free and beautiful and I think she wanted you to know she is just fine and very happy just as she would want you to be. You sounded very good to me today, I like that. This Butterfly episode could be your first entry in a Journal.

Teddy ~In our hearts forever~ATTITUDE is EVERYTHING
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