Topic: immunotherapy

It seems as if immunotherapy will be the way of the future, but I am looking for the experience of others in this line of treatment. 

I am still on 2nd line chemo (FOLFIRI), but I'm seriously researching the dendritic cell vaccine and viruses.  Some only use  cryopreserved tumor samples.  Some docs do it only with fresh tumor, while others use another method.

I've been in contact with Dr. Gustavo Moviglia in Buenos Aires, who has been doing similar work, but without the virus.  He met with me in person in NYC -- quite an impressive and kind man.  I am considering his treatment, but prefer to learn more before heading to So America.  I also prefer to find docs in the US.

Raymond Chang was also recommended to me, but I wanted to get some patient reviews before spending $875 for a one-hour consult.  He works with the Nesselhuts in Germany on dendritic cell vaccines..

I wish you (and all of us) the best of luck!