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I don't know why I would think that in the afterlife, or wherever you are, you have access to a computer and read the cholangiocarcinoma forum, but I'm posting my Mother's Day greeting here, Mom. I miss you so much and I'm being such a baby about it, but I was always your baby, wasn't I?

I love you and I wish you were here so I could hug you. Coco still cries for you, too.  You are so missed, by so many people. It's just not Mother's Day without you.

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OMG My heart is breaking for you! I am sending you my thoughts and prayers that God helps to heal your pain.
You will always miss her but please believe me she knows how much you love and miss her. If she could she would hold you in her arms and tell you that she's ok and finally out of pain. She would tell you that she'll see you again when the time comes.
I'm a mother so I know what I am talking about!!!
You hang in there and know that we feel your pain and are here for you.
Love to you,

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Joyce... I feel your pain and heart ache.  Please understand she will be with you as long as you want in spirit.  I might suggest if you don't mind, to get a personalized Diary just for your Mom and you can write and communicate to her everyday and in some little way you will occassionally feel her presence to let you know she is okay, I really do believe that. I have felt my Dad's presence since he passed over.  My wife has as well. We loved him dearly.  He passed on Mothers day 2years ago and still feel his presence once and awhile.  The day of his mortal death I walked out on the porch all emotional and it was like an experience like never before.  a white dove landing in the tree out front just for a moment and then flew away and I heard a voice inside my head Say "Thank You" Everything is just fine"  I promised my dad that I would keep him and Mom together until death take them apart.  I fullfilled the promise and that was what the thank you was for. I just sensed it and felt it. I don't really care if anyone thinks I'm nuts.  I know what happened and told my wife immediately.  Either that is what my mind and eyes  that wanted to see and hear for validation or the lord made it possible.  One day we'll know for sure. Joyce you don't have to let go, You never have to let go if you don't want to.  Just make peace with yourself and communicate your feelings in your Mom's personal diary a gift from you to her.  It will feel good I promise.  Written expression is so beautiful and heavenley coming from the heart. 
God Bless You, Coco, and your Mom,
Jeff G.
P'S. The good thing about being in heaven is you don't need computers to communicate.

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Dear Charlene and Jeff,

Thank you so much for your words of comfort - this place is a wonderful haven to me and so many others.

Jeff, I love your idea of a diary and I've tried to write a few letters to my mom, but there's just so much to say. When you see someone every day, you tell them every little detail of your life and share everything, and it's hard to try to reproduce that. I realize now that I can't ever reproduce that, so I will try to do a diary and not feel pressured to include every mundane detail - that would be 500 pages a day!

I think I posted my Mother's Day greeting here because I sometimes feel like I'm the only one who remembers my wonderful, irreverent, glorious mother, and I wanted something public where others could be reminded of her. I don't want to feel that she's forgotten by the world, after all her struggles and heartache and joys. And I hope they don't need computers in the afterlife!!!! And yes, I have felt my mother's presence - strangely enough, I can smell her sometimes.

I hadn't responded till now because my grandmother (my mother's mother) died last week at the age of 91. She had a full life, a happy life, and she was ready to go. She was still living on her own in her apartment in Brooklyn, drinking and smoking in moderation, doing her crossword puzzles and entertaining everyone with her piano - though losing her short-term memory lately. She had a stroke while watching TV alone one night -- probably instantaneous, didn't know what hit her, and that's EXACTLY how she would have wanted to go. She did it HER way, right to the end. I'm so proud of her, but of course I still miss her terribly. I hope she's reunited with my mother, my stepfather and my dog Slash and they're having a great Scrabble game together (well, not Slash - he was smart, but not that smart!)

Thanks again for the opportunity to vent, and for all the great compassionate souls on this board. Jeff, we wouldn't know what to do without you!

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I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother's death.  But, I'm glad that it was exactly how she would have wanted it.

You are an important part of our community here.