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Topic: A NOVEL way to Raise Money for CC

I have some exciting news for our Members! You can be part of a project that I hope will bring $$ to our Foundation, Memorialize our loved ones who had CC and bring us some great PR.

I was thinking (1st mistake) how we could have an ongoing Fundraiser and I came up with the idea of a book of Believing in the Beyond stories written by our own Believers who have lost a loved one to CC.

Each member would make their own introduction no longer than 40 lines. Above the Introduction you can have your loved one’s name like In Memory of Salvatore Sardina. If this works out it is a lovely way to remember those who have passed. If you have family that has had winks from your loved one, you could include those stories as well. Use as many pages as you like for the winks. This is also for Believers who have been given signs when they needed to make a decision.

ALL proceeds will go to the CC Foundation.

Very important…we need a title. Example:  Love, Loss, Eternal     It needs to be serious but a touch catchy. We want people to be drawn to the book.  If anyone likes to write we need someone who can write an Introduction page for the front of the book, perhaps explaining about our Organization and our courageous warriors. It did cross my mind to use one of our greeting cards as the cover.

Please let me know what you think of this and any and all ideas welcome. Let’s get started! We are already up to 7.
I will keep repeating this post until we have enough stories.