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Well, I haven't been around the boards in a while, my apologies for sure. Saw Tiff in December during my unfortunate last trip to Huntsville as I switched jobs and am now not travelling for work any more. I'm selling homes for a luxury builder here in Sarasota, so anyone know someone interested in moving to Sarasota and wants to build a new house, let me know!  Curious about the stuff we build: will give you a good idea!

Scan results: "Stable Examination. findings are not suspicious for tumor recurrence or metastatic disease." Yeah baby!!! My 2 year anniversary was 9/14/13, how appropriate that it was on Yom Kippur, day of atonement and fasting. I haven't felt better and am doing great! Kids doing well in school, Bat Mitzvah on 10/19 for my daughter so the wife is FREAKIN' CRAZY right about now... But then again, she's amazing and doing everything coordination wise. I'll help, but she's the glue for sure with this event. Bonus this year, I get to eat! 2 years ago at my son's Bar Mitzvah is when all of this started for me. I should be able to enjoy myself a bit more this time around!

Hope everyone else is persevering, has positive vibes and maintains hope! Positive attitude is a must! I stopped by the Chemo wing at my oncology appointment today to say hi to the nurses. They were all very happy to see me, which you would expect when someone has the positive experience I have had so far. Grateful is an understatement for sure... Great touching base, will be back more frequently if at all possible!!


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Attitude is everything, you have to keep it positive! And take it one day at a time, it's all anyone can do with this disease...

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Derin a BIG Mazel, Mazel (congratulations) on all accounts. Your Scan report could not be more awesome. How wonderful to have your 2 year anniversary on Yom Kippur. Truly a day to be grateful. Congratulations on the business move, change is good and best of luck with it. My daughter here is a Realtor and I will pass the word along. I know how excited you are for your daughter's Bat Mitzvah. My son and daughter were 2 years apart as well. Robin was the first girl ever on either side of the family to become B.M. Its a wonderful time for your family Derin, keep the good news coming.


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Yeah baby indeed Derin! This is brilliant news!! Thanks for sharing this with us! I hope that your daughters Bat Mitzvah goes well and I know that you will all have a great day! Lots to celebrate here me thinks and yes, you should be able to enjoy this one! Have a great time.

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Congratulations Derin. Absolutely wonderful to hear about 2 years and to have a positive scan.


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Great news! I'm so happy for you! And what an auspicious day to celebrate. Congratulations!

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Congratulations Derin, that is awesome news!!!  Your family has a lot to celebrate - continued good health to you!!!