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Hi!  I've never written in here before, but I wanted to let you know that I've been doing a clinical trial with Dr. Catenacci.  The trial has held the cancer at bay and it's all stable.  I thought you should know and give them a call because I believe they are working on other clinical trials too.  Dr. C is great and so smart! 

I take a protein inhibitor three days prior to getting the chemo - which is taxol.  I'm not crazy about the chemo, but it's working!

Here's hoping for a cure!

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Hi jz1,

Happy to hear the clinical trial is working for you.  Can you give more details about your cancer?  When you were diagnosed, other treatments you had before the clinical trial, what stage is your cancer and is it intra or extrahepatic?


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Dear JZ a big welcome to our extraordinary family but sorry you had to find us. I am elated that the trial is working for you. Someone posted recently to tell us abou5t your Doctor C and they were raving about him also. Sorry, I can't remember who it was, but I am sure they will come back on.  Can you tell us a little more about yourself? What as your DX and when? We love the words like stable that is a very good thing. Please keep us updated on your progress and now that you posted don't be a stranger, we are a very special family!

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Hi jz... Love the word stable!! I'm on an inhibitor also, but no chemo, and have been hearing that wonderful word for 6 months!!
Congratulations, and I'm with you in the hoping for a cure department.

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Hi JZ,

Welcome to the site. Sorry that you had to find us all here but glad that you've joined in with us as you are so in the right place for support and help. And thanks so much for letting us know how your trial is going with Dr Catenacci at the U of C. That's great that it is going so well and my fingers are crossed for the good results to continue for you. Do you have a link to the actual trial that you are on so that others can read about it too?

Please keep coming back and keep us updated on how everything goes for you. We are here for you.

Best wishes,


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Hi JZ,

welcome to the site that no one wants to have to join, but where you will find so much love and support.

Glad to hear your news of stability in your disease.  That is great and a word we love to hear on this site.  Also, loving your doctor is a huge plus!

Looking forward to hearing more about your situation so that others can chime in with their experiences relating to your situation (or others can benefit from hearing about you!).

Take care,

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I have intrahepatic (inoperable).  I was diagnosed 2 1/2 years ago - it started with a pain in my right femur bone, and I had to have a rod put in.  It's in my bones and small tumors in my lungs and of course my liver.  I so wish there was a cure. 

The trial I'm on is with Veronistat  and Taxol, so if you go to their cancer clinical website, you will find it there.

Thanks everyone!

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Hi, everyone,
if interested, here is the link  and info for veronistat.( patient's version)

God bless

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You've been through a lot but are a source of hope, strength and inspiration to more than you know. Thanks for sharing the unique clinical trial you're on and a little about yourself. My sister has ICC as does my good friends' sister in LA (who is now also someone dear to me). I've been reaching out to both as they navigate this lonely road. Neither uses this board out of fear of coming across too much scary info or heartbreak but I really wish they would as its a wonderful source of info and support and hope.  Thanks again for posting wink


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JZ....this, I believe, is the study your are enrolled in … amp;rank=1
Good luck, dear JZ, and know that a tidal wave of good wishes is heading your way.