Topic: Any doctors doing any new research???

My mom recently had a recurrance of her CC. Doctors removed it surgically  but the cancer specialist told is that CC is so rare that there are not enough people to do clincal trials with.

Does anyone know of any Doctors out there - anywhere in the US - that are doing research on this? Clinical trials? Anything?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions you may have.

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Re: Any doctors doing any new research???

For my mom... You can check all the major cancer centers by clicking on cholangiocarcinoma above and you can go search cancer clinical trials or go to the website section of this site and you will find links to different centers including  the NCI cancer Institute.  You may want to expand your search to bile duct cancer trials, gallblader trials or liver trials They usally break them down from there although you will find individual ones as well. search adencarcinoma as well.  I remember seeing a couple trials a couple of weeks ago but don't remember eaxctly were.  WWW.NCI.GOV will certainly get you rolling.  Feel free to roam this site as it is full of information that may be of help as well.   I'm sorry to hear of your Mom's recurrence.  Mine did as well.  But stay positive and remain hopeful.  As each page is turned new informations is popping up.  You really have to be persistent and research.  Please do use the pop down tabs above to lead you to a wealth of infor.
God Bless You and your Mom,
Jeff G.

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Re: Any doctors doing any new research???

I happpened to be on a website called and saw some posts about DAVANAT being on trial for some forms of bile duct cancer. Maybe worth checking? Good luck.