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Sometime in late september ( I didnt write the exact date) I past my eighth year past diagnosis of intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma, and I am not a health guru or anything like that, I live a ordinary life and the only thing that seems to have really saved me was early discovery and a slow growing tumor. I am blessed with a supportive family and I had a good job with excellent health insurance and many good doctors and a ultrasound technician that called the soft tissue tumor in my bile duct "possible cholangioccarcinoma " in her report, sending my doctors in the right direction right away.I had my liver and bile ducts resected in january of 06' so my message is things can go well, you are your own advocate, listen close when any doctor or nurse speaks to you. More importantly, listen to your body, it will let you know when thing aren't right. My life has been rather busy lately but I am doing well and my mantra lately has been to help others that life has overwhelmed. I hope to have more time for online activity this month and it is good to be back, Pat

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Hercules -
I love to hear that. My husband is only 5 months into this roller coaster ride. I am so glad to know that there are those that are living with this disease..


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Thank you, Pat!! Your words mean so much.


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Pat that is the bestest news ever!! Wow, you are a poster boy at 8 years. This post of yours will give so many the HOPE they need to get through this Journey. You are so right about listening to one's body and I believe in that for the Care Giver also. Sometimes I feel Like I graduated in GUT 101. I am just over the moon for you. Please stop in when you can I miss your positive energy! And a hearty CONGRATULATIONS!


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Great news Pat and my congratulations to you! Your story gives so much hope to everyone and I so agree with what you say re early diagnosis and listening to your body. So very glad indeed to hear that you are doing well and helping others and yes, it is good to have you back here!

Congratulations once again and thanks for sharing with us!


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I loved reading your post Pat.  Only this morning it was going round and round my head about this disease having such awful survival odds and trying to reason out from the forum, just how many people I could recall surviving. 

Keep doing well and shout about it here.  We love hearing about it:-)


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Wow, this is a wonderful post and inspires so much hope!

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Great news Pat!

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