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I just had my 2 1/2 yr scan post resection and it was clean.
I already posted those results but said I would post again once I met with my oncologist.
I saw my oncologist yesterday and it was pretty uneventful.  I will get an MRI of the liver in 6 months and a tumor marker at 3 months.
We discussed if I can get pregnant.  She said she would be ok with that since it is 2 yrs post surgery, but 3 yrs would be better.  I have an appointment with high risk OB to get their opinion. But, I'm still not sure.  It seems so risky.

Take care everyone!


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Susie, Ho Hum, getting bored eh? Just kidding we love all the good news. If you are at 2 1/2 years post surgery and are iffy about pg what is 6 more months? Especially if you are concerned even though you want it soon. Listen to your gut, kid. But I am so happy about all your news. Keep up the great work!


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I agree Lainy.  The only issue is I am 34 and there are more issues that come along with pregnancy after 35.  So, that is the reason I'd like to do it sooner.

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Susie, I always tell my kids (grown up) to make a list of pros and cons and see which side is longer. In the end just know that you will make the right decision! And, we will all be elated to be Aunts and Uncles!


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Susie -
Getting pg or even trying to is a very personal decision but one thing I want to point out that age is just a number.....I know there are certain risk factors that CAN increase with pregnancy as you get older (mind you 34, 35 are not that old.....if only I could be that young again) and as long as you understand those risks and so does you doctor I would think all will be well. 2 1/2 years is great but 3 will sound even better.

Hang tough and like Lainy said weigh out the pros and the cons and then make a decision because ultimately it is yours.


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Re: my treatment plan


Congrats on the clean scan.  2 1/2 years is a great milestone!

I am with Lainy...I like the pros and cons list.  I do it one further however...list the Pros and Cons of getting pregnant now, then list the Pros and Cons of waiting 6 months to get pregnant.  You'll be surprised at the difference between the lists and it will give you some insight into your own thoughts and feelings.

Good luck!!


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