Topic: Healthy Winter Soup

I have been making this for years, easy breezy and healthy to boot.

1 Large Bottle V8 Juice   (low salt if preferred)
1 Head of Cabbage chopped up.
Lemon Juice and Brown Sugar to taste (add until you get that sweet sour balance) and I love pepper.  That's it. Let it cook until cabbage is tender.
You can add anything else you like. I like it this way and if I have some left over meat like roast I will add that. Also freezes well.


Re: Healthy Winter Soup

Thanks Lainy. I love cabbage.

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Re: Healthy Winter Soup

That's one my husband would love. I will have to keep that in mind. We do one that is similar but it's got a little more stuff in it....he loves anything with cooked cabbage.


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Re: Healthy Winter Soup

Sounds very nice Lainy! But then again, all of your cooking and recipes sound very tasty indeed!!! smile

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