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My dad was diagnosed in April of this year.  His cancer involved lymph nodes so no surgery.

His first CT scan showed shrinkage of the tumors...Yeah.
His second CT (3 weeks ago) showed no change....Yeah.  The doctors assistant said there was a spot on his bladder that they think is not significant.

Well yesterday my dad got a letter saying they scheduled a cystoscopy to look at the spot.  My dad is upset.  He called me.  He wants to talk to the doctor before doing any of this.  I agree.  Evidently the spot was there on his first CT scan also.  My dad is saying if the bile duct cancer is the thing that is going to do him in he would rather not treat the bladder cancer (if that is what it is).  Personally I agree.  He is mad that the doctor hasn't met with him.  I also agree.  I told him to call the doc and tell them he isn't going to do anything until he talks to a doc.  I told him that he can also tell them he wants to wait for his next CT scan to see if it gets bigger or stays the same...his next CT scan is in 3 months.

Has anyone ever had this happen where they just schedule something without a consultation?  I told him he is doing so well when they thought he had a few months they are now looking at everything!  Another thing...since he has lymph node involvement I would think that looking at this other stuff is a mute point.

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Heck, no, Crissie! I would NEVER do a thing without my Doctors, any of them, telling me the details first. Have you called him and he has not responded? That is also a no, no. I forgot where hubby is being treated. I know that as we age (who me?) we get little spots or nodules on lungs, kidneys etc, I have one on my thyroid and it has not changed in 2 years, Teddy had one on a kidney at least 10 years. Perhaps its time to get another opinion?  Wow, the difference a Doctor can make. Friday I had an infusion of Remicade for my UC and took a list of 15 things going on with me. He went down the whole list and told me whether each one was an allergic reaction or a side effect and while I have to live with it, I felt better just knowing it all was not anything else. Please let us know what happens.


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Crissie -
I agree 100% with Lainy. I would want to talk to the doctors before any procedure was scheduled, even to just know risks and possible side effects if nothing else. And why they decided to do it now if it's been there all along. During part of the workup for my husband's surgery they found a "spot" on his right kidney. The urologist came and spent a lot of time talking to us about what he thought it was and the different routes we could take. The decision was really taken from us when his surgery went to 14 hours long and they couldn't even go look at it. Now we just follow it wit his regular CT scans for the CC. I would ask a lot of questions. I guess the biggest on we asked was given the CC diagnosis would treating the kidney change any outcomes....we were told probably not. So we just watch.
If you are not comfortable with you doc or what they are telling you shop around for another one.


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I agree with Lainy. I would insist on talking to the doctor first and shame on him/her for scheduling a procedure and notifying the patient by mail. I think it could be time for a second opinion.

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