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Topic: Does sugar, high body mass cause cholangiocarcinoma?

Hi, I am 62 year old female diagnosed 5/2013 with cholangiocarcinoma.  First symptoms; severe itching and severe jaundice. Found 6 cm mass in the liver and mets to nearby lymph nodes, inoperable, Stage IV, doctors are not optimistic about chemo of gis/cis helping me.

I would be interested in knowing what we have in common:  The following apply to me:

1.  Ate huge amounts of pastries as a way of self-medicating after my husband died June 16, 2011.

2.  Most of my adult life I have been 20-30 lbs. overweight, with high BMI.

3.  Stressful job (for me anyway).

4.  In 1990's anemia due to bleeding ulcer.

5.  In 1980's blisters would appear in right nostril.  Doctors could not tell me why.  Smoking, of course, did not help.  Quit in 1988.

6.   In 1990's blister outbreaks but infectious disease doctor said bloodwork indicated I had been exposed to Epstein-Barr virus.  Prescribed Zovirax but I could not afford $100.00 meds. Doctor also said I had previously had mono.
In the 2000's, blisters are infrequent. I use to get them every month and body aches and fatigue would last 10 days.

7.   Physically ambitious but no regular exercise program.

8.   In late 1980's I suffered from anxiety and panic attacks and Zoloft and Tofranil were prescribed.  To date I still take those meds with an occasional Xanax.

9.  Never a big fruit and vegetable eater.  Preferred carbs. Coffee intake 2 cups per day.  Occasional soda (coke and pepsi).  Huge 2% milk fan...1 gallon every 3 days.  Little red meat and fish. Like bread and butter.

10. Drink alcohol the last few years but not much, only when I go dancing twice a month (4 drinks total per month).

11.  Weakest part of my body has always been my stomach.  I've been on Prilosec on and off for 15 years.  I thought I had problems because of my diet and stress.

12.  My three siblings health is very bad.  Sister has lupus, brothers have diabetes and serious heart disease.  Until my diagnosis, I was the only healthy one in my family. 

13.  Mother died of cerebral hemorrhage because of high blood pressure, would not take her pills and continued drinking 40 oz. of beer a night.  Smoker, passed away at 73.  Her family's health problems: Alcoholism, high blood pressure, stress related symptoms.

14.  Father's died at at 73, smoker, heart problems, died of congestive heart failure.  His family's health:  Heart problems due to diabetes.

15.  I have been a business owner and it could be stressful.  My main hobby was animal rescue (self-funded).  Lots of contact with cats and dogs running the streets of Detroit's inter-city.  Did all clean-up using bleach and water.

Do we have anything in common that may have attributed to cholangiocarcinoma?

Re: Does sugar, high body mass cause cholangiocarcinoma?

Hello LadyLinden,

I'm not sure that anyone really knows what causes this cancer,  although there has been some research on it being caused by liver flukes, which are common in some parts of the world. All I can say is that my mum has ICC and she's normal weight, not a big fan of sugar, eats a lot of organic veggies, drinks very little alcohol and lives a pretty healthy lifestyle. She did however have an infection a few years ago, of helicobactor pylori, which is a bacterium that I think sometimes causes inflammation in the liver. I believe that inflammation has been linked to cancer. I guess a lot more research still needs to be done.


Re: Does sugar, high body mass cause cholangiocarcinoma?

Hi M'Lady! If I may jump in here as well. We do not know what causes CC for the most part which is why research is so very important. We do know that Liver Flukes (you can google, very interesting) plays a part in many cases and quite of few of us who had husbands serve in Asia have acquired CC. My husband served in Korea. He was as healthy as a horse. That is why I am so cautious where my fish comes from. I picked up some frozen white fish at Walmart. When I got it home I realized, oh, it came from Thailand. I threw it out. My Grandkids ages 17 - 25 are half Jewish half Japanese and they love sushi and I am trying so hard to get them not to eat it as we don't always know where the fish comes from. I told then to eat Gefilte Fish instead  (a Jewish delicacy )Then there is also environmental things today. What we know for sure is we don't know a lot and that is why our Board is so important because what we have is each other walking together through this mysterious Cancer. Two things really bother me and one is that so many younger people are getting CC, WHY? The other is when I see where all our members are from most are from the West and East Coast. Weird.


Re: Does sugar, high body mass cause cholangiocarcinoma?

the link below is related to the risk factors of CCA.

http://www.cholangiocarcinoma.org/punbb … 121#p57121

God bless.

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Re: Does sugar, high body mass cause cholangiocarcinoma?

It seems like there might be some similarities...
I love sweets, and have eaten them most of my life.
I have been 20-50 lbs overweight mist of my adult life. I was skinny skinny as a kid.
I love carbs! But have cut many of them out. I was never much of a fruit or veggie eater until the last couple of years.
Stressful job... YEP!!!

I did drink, quite socially. One or two a few times a week, and several on the weekend.

I was also in the printing industry, and part of my job for years was to change the developing fluids (research is pointing to this being a high risk group).

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I can't really speak for myself but as for my husband he does overlap some of the risk factors that you have.
He has been chronically about 40# overweight the last few years.
He is a type 2 diabetic taking insulin and meds for it.
Not super active although is job does keep him moving but not enough to count as exercise.
Never a smoker and never really had any GI problems (that is me). Alcohol intake was moderate prior to the surgery and none now.
He does not really have a stresfull job or a high stress life...he's pretty easy going mostly.
The docs relate his cancer to radiation he had as a young teen for his Hodgkin's lymphoma. His radiation field overlaps the area where is tumor was removed so that's what they are thining it is.

Sometimes I think it's just really BAD luck. I mean this is his second cancer in his life and then we also dealth with my 20 year old having Thyroid cancer at the same time my spouse had his diagnosis and our 30 year had NO risk factors for that.


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Re: Does sugar, high body mass cause cholangiocarcinoma?

I love sweets but have cut way back on them in the last few year. I have always loved fruits and vegetables and have never eaten a lot of processed foods.  I always wonder if mine was caused by taking Lipitor but the studies are inconclusive. I have also read a lot about Dioxin and exposure being a risk factor. I recently read about Dioxin in food fillers like guargum.

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Re: Does sugar, high body mass cause cholangiocarcinoma?

When I was first diagnosed I was desperate to find similarities between cases.  I figure there has to be something, but I have yet to find anything and am not as obsessed with it as I originally was.
I have always been healthy and had a good diet, no smoking, some minor alcohol use.  Sure, I enjoy the occasional sweet, but I can't name many people who don't.
I am as skinny as can be.  I've always been a runner or exercised in some form. 
I had Mono in my early 20s.  I have high cholesterol, which has been labeled as hereditary and I was never on medication for it.
I wasn't on any medications at the time of diagnosis except I recently quit taking birth control.
My Grandpa had Prostate Cancer, but there is not a large cancer presence in my family. 
I am the only non-smoker in my family and I am the only one who has cancer.  I'm thankful they don't have cancer, but I find it very ironic.

Take care,


Re: Does sugar, high body mass cause cholangiocarcinoma?

Well, I just turned 56 in August, was in the best shape of my life (so I thought), eat very little sugar or processed food, never a smoker, light social drinker (wine with dinner), eat lots of fruit and vegetables, don't eat much red meat, had zero other preexisting health issues, took no prescription medications, had no family history of cc or conditions that could lead to it, did spin class 3x week and finished a 100k bike ride the week before I was diagnosed with CC.

I have traveled in Asia some, but never anywhere remote.  Could I have gotten flukes from eating fish from overseas?  Who knows.  We do eat a lot of fish. 

So, I guess I'm saying ... go figure.

I am looking at it like it's a being a lottery winner, only in a sick, sadistic reverse twist.

Impatient patient.