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Topic: 2nd Annual Memorial Silent Auction Benefit Update

The 2nd Annual Memorial Benefit was a great success.  The event was held at Sizzle Bistro In Manchester, NH.  We had over 65 items, which were all donated for the Silent Auction, there was a 50/50 raffle – and my sister (who owns the restaurant donated 10 bottles of wine, which we sold wine corks for $5/each and at the end of the night 10 lucky winners got to pick a bottle of wine.
It was an emotional night of sharing stories – great food – music – and a night to raise awareness and money.  $8,200. total was raised for The Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation - WOW!!!!! As I reflect on the generosity and kindness everyone has shown for Jacques and Becki – it was a very emotional night. Rob (who helped with this years benefit in honor of his mother, Becki Mignogna, who lost her battle with CC on January 17th, 2013 - which ironically is my Jacques' birthday - was not able to attend the Benefit as his first child – a son, Ryan was born at 4:30 PM, the day of the benefit.
Another member of the CC family Suzanne Murch aka Oceangirl, and her family came up from Bolton, MA. She is a sweetheart -  I just wish I had more to talk with them that night - but I was busy with all of the logistics - I did not have much time to socialize.
As I said the night of the benefit - it is because of my amazing family and friends, that I make it through this so called life - for this I am truly blessed.  I have already started making to-do lists and plans for next year's 3rd Annual Benefit. CANCER - I am out to get you - Watch out!!!!!

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Oh, Barbara CONGRATULATIONS! Job well done. I am sure CC is going to run the other way when you are around! A thank you to Rob. You are the ones who will really make a difference for us in fighting this disease so many, many thanks.


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Thank You Barbara!!  Sounds like it was a fabulous event! 
That's a significant contribution to the CC foundation and the CC family.


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Hi Barbara,

Just want to thank you for your dedication to CC and bringing attention and funding to it.  You are one amazing woman!!!

Peace & Gratitude,

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Absolutely fantastic Barbara!!  I'm sure Jacques & Becki were smiling down on the festivities.  Ditto to what Mary posted - you are one amazing woman. 
Peace be,

Wishing all God's blessings!

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Bless you, Barbara and thank you too!! Your thoughtfulness in taking on this enormous task is so greatly appreciated. One day this cancer will be a thing of the past thanks to amazing people such as yourself. It sounds as if it was an amazing time.


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Way to go Barbara! That is awesome. Sounds like a good time was had by all.


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