Topic: Come out from behind those books!

Believers in the Beyond Written by CC Members
This will be a book with true stories of Member’s loved ones who have passed but make visits home.  There are many Believers today and I felt it was a good way to Memorialize our loved ones with all proceeds going to the CC Foundation for research, and if this takes off a very good way for PR.
We need a title and a formal Intro-any one, and I will keep tract of all suggestions. Any suggestions to help us are greatly appreciated.
Each Member will have their own Chapter. Start with a 40 line (no longer) Intro but as many pages you need for your Chapter.  Example below. Your Intro will be followed by your stories of visits. IF you are a CC patient and feel things have happened to guide you we will also take your guidance stories. I do feel we should not talk too much of what our loved one went through but concentrate on the fact they have not left us. I know my stories are very light/almost funny on some.
Please email your Chapter to me and I know this will take some time which is good so we accumulate more stories. I am looking at perhaps March to put it together.
So far I have the following for sure: Andie (UK), Darla (WIS), Me, Mary Lloyd, Clare (Scotland), Kris J., Pamela K.,
Members I hope to hear from:  Jennifer (Calgary), Gerardo (Ginger), Pam Cherbourg, Julia (UK), Lanny, Alla, Jee Young, Desiree . I know
there are more out there and I shall find you!!
In Memory of Salvatore D. Sardina        In our hearts forever.

Teddy and I met at a Night Club for older Singles (he was 61 and I was 54). He asked me to dance and soon another man I was dating walked in so one dance is all we had. His Sister came up to me and said, “My brother thinks you’re so cute, would you dance with him again?” I explained that I had started dating someone but thanked her. I dated the other man for 7 months and Teddy dated another woman for about the same length of time. We both broke our relationships and 4 months later re met in August, got engaged Christmas Eve and married in July!  He was a short Sicilian and I was a short Jewish gal and it was 16 years of a glorious and amazing honeymoon! My daughter called us the wedding cake toppers! I always describe Teddy as a man’s man and a woman’s gentleman. Sadly, in our 11th year of marriage he was diagnosed with Cholangiocarcinoma (Bile Duct Cancer) a very rare monster of a Cancer. Teddy fought the best fight he could for 5 years having survived an aborted Whipple surgery, a double e coli infection, then the real deal Whipple plus the return of the Cancer twice. After radiation and Cyber Knife there was nothing more that could be done and he passed on December 6, 2010. When I feel down I say to myself, “shame on you, you had for 16 years what most people never have in a lifetime”. That is the little trick but the biggest trick is that I am a Believer in the Beyond and keep a log of all Teddy’s ‘winks’ and in 3 years have 94 visits. When I read my log I feel so much comfort as it reminds me that Teddy, as he promised, is watching over me. The following winks are some I have been gifted and I hope in reading them, you will come to love Teddy as much as I do and will see that believing brings a mountain of comfort.