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2 weeks ago i came in a state of shock when i read on my social network,written by my longtime buddy's 17 year old daughter on her blog that her father was diagnosed with cancer.
He's like me,43 years of age,a healty life,wife,son and daughter.
Yesterday i spoke with his wife over the phone,ct-scan and other results made it even worser then you think.

He is diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma..cq Klatskin stage 4.
So you have a little pain in the stomach in april,you go to the docter,gives you medication for a stomachwall-problem,after a month the pain increases.
He loves the sun and as soon it gets warmer he starts tanning and after one or two days he looks like a southern-european type.
Nobody noticed anything,not in his eyes.nothing and then out of nowhere het turned yellow,his skin and eyewhite.

Back to the docter,hospital to clean the bile tube.they took a sample and the 2nd of june they told him : CANCER !! he had to be prepared for the worst news possible,doctors told him due to CT-scan and other details off wich results we know now.

I went over the internet and soon found out,that the way he thinks is mine,but that's very easy said, cause my name is not on the form.

Here in the Netherlands there's nothing they can do for him and they have an appointment this week in Belgium.

My first reaction on the news was,come on,we live in Holland,it's 2008 is there nothing were you can go ? Is it about healthcare-money, and so on..

No,that's not it,so let's wait what happens in Belgium but i fear the worst.

He's sober enough in thinking,like me and that's facing reality.

If Belgium can't help him,he will stop running from a hospital here,new invention there,vitamines and all sorts off research-treatments and getting hope for nothing.
Useless he rather spents lost time with his wife and kids.

In the talk i had with his wife,it's like everybody would do,so his family is 24/7 on the net looking for this and that trying to find a solution even i was looking all over.

So if it isn't good in Belgium he prob has to tell his family and friends that the wheel can not be invented twice and stop bringing new threaments every day found on the net to the house !!

It's easier written down then doen as an outsider.

Because of all this,i found you guy's and hopefully i can help him by reading a lot and information found here.

We don't believe fairytails anymore,so let's make the best off it in the time that comes and wait what Belgium brings.

You can dream about it offcourse..but waking up is what we do !!

So,from Holland i say hi to everyone !!


I make my excuses for any mistakes in my writing,cause the english that i know was not learned in school but by myself...and i'm pretty proud of it !! :-)

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I seem to remember a drug trial for cc being done in Denmark, if I have time I will try to find that source.

There are also some trials in the UK that might be applicable. Not much to offer here in Sweden.

I too would be proud of my English if I learned it the way you did!

I will see what I can dig up if I can.


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Dear Jay,
You might want to contact Prof. Lodge in the UK.  By entering his name in the


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Ok guys,thnx so far..watching football right now  EUROPEAN CUP:-) we have to wait what comes out tommorow what they say in Belguim any way !!
I'll stay in contact,and will follow the replies..

By the way ??

This one i just made up an i thouhgt funny!!!  If you have the "Yellow Fever" over here,all the doctors suddenly are specialist> but when 14 million people at the moment have the "Orange FEVER" NObody's...
Back to watch the game off the crazy Germans,they play way better then Portugal !!

tnxs anyway for now


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Hi Jay,
My name is Iris and I'm also from the Netherlands. Nice meeting you, however it would have been nicer meeting outside this board.
My husband Peter was diagnosed Klatskin stage IV last year May. Surgery was tried, but broken off. His life expectancy was 2-3 months. We are more than a year further now and he is still doing wonderfully well. Though last week we heard that now his lungs are starting to show spots.
I hope your friend can do the same as we do: and that is enjoy every good day. Enjoy each other, enjoy the weekends when our boys come home. Next week we go for a midweek to Schiermonnikoog.
I wish you and your friend and his family strength and hope and a lot of good days to come.

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Hi everyone,

It was a little bit hectic overhere,so couldn't reply sooner.

They have been tot Belgium and the conclussion in Belgium was:

2nd of july he will go overthere,they will place a small box for chemotherapy..3 weeks..1 week none..

Operation is not possible due to the stage of the tumor.

They cancelled their vacation and will go for a week or so on a last minute,and like Iris is saying; expectation is 3-4 months and that was more then a year ago and let's make the best of it !!

I will follow the reply's and if i have news or wanna know something i get back on the forum..

With regards from a finaly,summerlooking Holand


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Hi Jay,
I very much hope the chemo will slow things down. Peter and I just came back from 5 days Schiermonnikoog. Peter is tanned and looks great. He is still so much enjoying life that my best wish is that they will have at least that for the time being.
I like to keep hearing from you. Kind regards,