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I have some exciting news for our Believers! You can be part of a project that I hope will bring $$ to our Foundation, Memorialize our loved ones who had CC and bring us some great PR.

I was thinking how we could have an ongoing Fundraiser and I came up with the idea of a book of Believing in the Beyond stories written by our own Believers who have lost a loved one to CC.

Each member would make their own introduction no longer than 40 lines. Above the Introduction you can have your loved one’s name like In Memory of Salvatore Sardina. If this works out it is a lovely way to remember those who have passed. If you have family that has had winks from your loved one, you could include those stories as well. Use as many pages as you like for the winks.

For those of you that are battling CC it has come to my attention that some of you have received signs when having to make a decision. Please, by all means we would include your stories!

I am hoping to have a 200 page book and will need your stories as soon as possible and ALL proceeds will go to the CC Foundation.

For all Members:
Very important…we need a title. Example:  Love, Loss, Eternal     It needs to be serious but a touch catchy. We want people to be drawn to the book.  If anyone likes to write we need someone who can write an Introduction for the front of the book.

Please let me know what you think of this and any and all ideas welcome. Let’s get started!

We have 8 so far but I just know there are more of you out there.


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I think it's a wonderful idea.  How do you wish for the information to be sent to you?

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Hi there Not Done Yet, so very good to hear from you. I will post an example for you below. I am trying to get it all in by the end of March. EMail is good.

In Memory of Salvatore D. Sardina        In our hearts forever.

Teddy and I met at a Night Club for older Singles (he was 61 and I was 54). He asked me to dance and soon a man I was dating walked in so one dance is all Teddy and I had. His Sister came up to me and said, “My brother thinks you’re so cute, would you dance with my brother again?” I explained that I had started dating someone and thanked her. I dated the other man for 7 months and Teddy dated another woman for about the same length of time. We both broke our relationships and 4 months later re met in August, got engaged Christmas Eve and married in July!  He was a short Sicilian and I was a short Jewish gal and it was 16 years of a glorious and amazing honeymoon! My daughter called us the wedding cake toppers! I always describe Teddy as a man’s man and a woman’s gentleman. Sadly, in our 11th year of marriage he was diagnosed with Cholangiocarcinoma (Bile Duct Cancer) a very rare monster of a Cancer. Teddy fought the best fight he could for 5 years having survived an aborted Whipple surgery, a double e coli infection, then the real deal Whipple plus the return of the Cancer twice. After radiation and Cyber Knife there was nothing more that could be done and he passed on December 6, 2010. When I feel down I say to myself, “shame on you, you had for 16 years what most people never have in a lifetime”. That is the little trick but the biggest trick is that I am a Believer in the Beyond and I keep a log of all Teddy’s ‘winks’ and in 3 years I am up to 97 visits. When I read the log I feel so much comfort as it reminds me that Teddy, as he promised, is watching over me. The following winks are some of what I have been gifted and I hope in reading them, you will come to love Teddy as much as I do and will see that believing brings a mountain of comfort.

Teddy’s first attempt at visiting, I was straightening my closet about 11PM and the light bulb went out that                                     
I had replaced about a month before. I went to the kitchen for some water and there are 4 ceiling lights, the one I replaced 2 weeks                                 
prior had gone out. Then one behind it blinked 4 times.  Teddy would always wink at me to let me know all is OK.       
I went to the closet and the closet light was back on. Leave it to Teddy but with a little practice tonight he nailed his lights!   

After Teddy’s beautiful Memorial Service the family came back to the house. There were 28 of us and before we went to dinner I                                 
suggested that we go through Teddy’s closet and take what ever they would like. Dani, one of Teddy’s Granddaughters said, 
“Grandma, let’s all wear something of Grandpa’s to dinner.” We all loved her idea. There were 6 of us in the closet when the light went out again. When it came back on everyone picked out an item from ties to T shirts and the party began. See, Teddy loved a good party and I will bet anything that he was watching us and laughing his you know what off!                                             
  My Mother passed away one month after Teddy. The day after her funeral I had the family over for lunch and while waiting for their 
  arrival I was sitting in Teddy’s recliner watching TV. I glanced over at the sofa and saw a strange object. It started to move slowly         
  on one of the back pillows. I said, “Teddy?” and it started bouncing all over the pillow even darting in and out of the creases where the 
  pillows connect. I said, “Teddy is that you?” The object then jumped from the couch to the floor and back. It was bronzy gold in color, about 6” high and 5” wide.  Looked like an ink blot of a Pagoda. It bounced like the ball                   
held to a paddle by a rubber band.  It was bouncing so much I                       likened it to frustration. I told him I loved him and missed him and it 
jumped all over. Finally I very gently sat on the couch and put my hand about 6 inches under the object and it stopped, did a                         
Reverse and then slowly came down and rested on my hand.  About 2
minutes later I pulled away, the object left. Seemed hours.


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Hey, I wanted to finish reading that!  You stopped at a cliff hanger for me!  I've/we had two of those "check ins" from Tracker.  We were very fortunate to be in attendance for his transition the day before he passed.  Are you thinking of something like that to be included?

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OMG that was a mistake. OK I am going to add the rest of that story! Haha I guess it was a cliffhanger!
I wonder if we could just use uplifting parts from the transition like when T saw his family. I don't really want to get pulled down with too much of the disease I just gave a short few lines of what he went through but kept it light. So I would say IF there are some light parts go ahead and add them. I will add mine too one of these days. I am just going to add the finish of that story to the post above, give me a few minutes. And thanks!!