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My son used to send me "personal" and beautiful letters on my Birthdays and Mothers Day and I was sitting here today going through them when I found the following paragraphs, I hope it gives you something to think about:

"Before Teddy went for his 1st Whipple, I had heard of Cancer and had even known a few people who had it and recovered. Until the understanding of CC I had not known anyone I loved so dearly stricken by this illness. Teddy immediately went in to a mode of steeling his mind. When something like this is coming at you and you may feel it's easier to jump ship. Not Teddy, he walked into the unknown with his head high for his loved ones and that is called Heroism! "Teddy did this not once but twice and almost a 3rd time. Yet he never flinched, his will and strength were powerful."
"We all stood together for him. Many times we see people run from their problems so it is beautiful to see people stand up and fight and now I understand the true meaning of SURVIVOR. The night before the 1st surgery I could feel the prayers and the love in the room. It was like thousands of voices softly asking for God's divine intervention."

Too bad my son cannot  meet all of the SURVIVORS on this Board! You are all Heros too. I just thought it was interesting after 4 years to read this perspective from an older Child. Again, BE STRONG


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That's a very sweet note and wonderful memory as well!

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Thanks for sharing that, Lainey. smile


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Thank you Lainey.  I see where it gets it from:-)


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