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I haven't posted in a while as the FOLFIRI + Tarceva has been rough. The really bad news is that it didn't work. I had my quarterly PET scan this week and the news wasn't good. The cancer in the liver is still relatively stable but it has now spread to the omentum. The findings say interval progression of peritoneal carcinomatosis.

Dr. Javle has suggested we try to get me in the Pazopanib + Trametinib trial. They are checking on availability. After reading Regina's posts, I am not feeling too good about that. If I can't get in the trial in January I will go on 5FU and Oxaliplatin. The 5FU has caused horrible heartburn and mouth problems and I know Oxaliplatin is no picnic either so I can't say I am looking  forward to that either. On the other hand, if either of these options work I can get through it. However, I am a bit annoyed that I lost my hair for nothing!

As you can tell I am a little depressed but I am going to try to not let it ruin my holidays. I am going to my sister and her husbands ranch Monday for a week. My 1 year old great niece and 3 year old great nephew will be there later in the week and playing with them is a great distraction.

Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas.


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Dear Suzy, I am so sorry things did not turn out better BUT I always feel there is a reason and perhaps that reason is to get on something that is going to work for you. Going to a ranch sounds lovely and a well deserved break. You do need to vent now and then, it is not a crime. Try not to think about it all too much and enjoy your trip. Do they make a sage brush Christmas Tree? We have a huge one in Phoenix! Have a Merry Christmas and a Healthier New Year!


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Suzy, you might have lost your hair with oxy also. I was told to be prepared. I'm sorry things didn't work but hopeful Dr. Javle has another suggestion.
Depression is normal. Vent away to us: we understand. And please try to celebrate the holidays! Being with family is a great cure!

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