Topic: Remembering those that should be here today

For my sister Nikki who should be here today, watching her daughter old open her stocking and giving her son rude gifts.

We've sent her balloons up and sprinkled fresh stars today. X


In the stars now . . . .

Re: Remembering those that should be here today

What a lovely way to remember your sister Nikki. I'm sure it is very painful to watch her children celebrate without her.  She should be here, I agree! Children  lift our spirits the way they show and share joy so honestly. What a blessing that your niece and nephew have you! I feel deeply hopeful that your sister is with you all in spirit.   Still, there is no sweet story that can change the feeling that she should be there with her children.
Love and hugs,


Re: Remembering those that should be here today

You and Nikki are in my thoughts, Clare.

My beautiful daughter, Lauren Patrice, will live on in my heart forever.

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Re: Remembering those that should be here today

Thinking of you and your family Clare. Having lost my dad at Christmas time I know how hard this time of the year will be for you all too.



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Re: Remembering those that should be here today

Ah, Clare now I know.....that was Nikki's Star flying overhead when I went out last night!
If tears could build a stairway, I would climb right up to heaven and bring You home to Clare.

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