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Shot in the dark.   Has anyone who has been diagnosed with horrid cc been scratched by a cat prior to diagnosis?

I appreciate this is a crazy question, but just wonder if there maybe a link.  I was diagnosed in November 2011 and years (1988 I think) previously was diagnosed with 'cat scratch fever' having been scratched by a cat and had infected lymph nodes removed.

I am currently undergoing chemo and am looking for possible links between any cc diagnosed patients.

My days are numbered and I would do anything to try and find a link between sufferers that help in the future.

God bless you all

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May the Grace of God shower upon you and easy your suffering.
Sorry, I never came across the relationship of "cat scratch fever" as a risk factor for CCA in reading the medical articles.
But the fact that  the bacteria that cause  "cat scratch fever" can affect the liver and spleen may lead me to believe that there might be a chance  of a chronic infection (ie: like hepatitis B/C) had been developed overtime.This is my own guess only .and in no way there is any proof on the assumed concept

God bless.

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I know of no link between cat scratch fever and CC.  I'm really wondering how you are doing both physically with the gem-Cis  and emotionally. From your previous posts you sound so positive, seem so accepting of your condition and mentioned that you not afraid. Now I am very sad to hear you mention that you feel your time on earth is becoming limited with the same incredible acceptance. What/who is helping you through this? I'm sending loving thoughts and prayers for your comfort and peace of mind.


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Cc has appeared in lymph nodes very close to my aorta.  Surgery and radio are out if the question because of the location.  I am hoping chemo will reduce the size of the lymph nodes and if so, will have 6 sessions followed by six months off and then have another 6 sessions.  I have been told that no one has had more than 3 lots of chemo.  My oncologist told me on 14th July 2013 to expect 18/21 months.   I have taken several opinions and all are the same.   I have completed my first gem/cis cycle and so far I have tolerated it very well.  Constipation - easily solved.   Tiredness - easily solved.  Metallic taste - easily solved.

I am very positive but also very realistic.  Every day I do something new, achieve something and laugh and giggle.   I have a wonderful supportive network of friends and family and I secure in the knowledge that I know they will be there for when I really need them.  I am not afraid.   My deepest sadness is that I will not see my wonderful son live his life (he is 22).

Emotionally I am fine ... of course I have dark times (I call then my mascara and pillow days) but a giggle and a laugh always puts me back on top and I'm never short of them.  Everyone knows my situation and I discuss everything that is happening to my quite openly to anyone who asks or wishes to know.   I find that the easiest way to deal with it.  I avoid stress at all times.   For example, last time I had chemo it broke my heart to see my hair falling out (I have a mane of beautiful thick wavy hair).   If it falls out this time, I will shave it off and have fun choosing hats and scarves rather than be stressed at seeing it on the floor every day.

Maybe I sound cold, but I am far from that.  I believe I am being cared by angels and that there is a reason why this is happening to me.   I do not yet know that reason, but one day I will.

Thank you for remembering me.
With love Sandie

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Dear Sandy,

You in no way sound cold to me.  You sound like a very strong person with a great attitude who is realistic while being cautiously optimistic.  You are living your life and doing what you can to deal with everything that comes your way as best you can.  I agree that finding ways to avoid stress as much as possible is a good thing and you seem to be handling that, too.  We all have those dark times as can only be expected, but your great attitude will get you through those times too.  Lean on your family and friends when you need to and remember you have all of your friends here too, to help you through those dark times.

It is always said that everything happens for a reason, although we may never know what it is.  Stay strong and keep on doing what you are doing.   Take it one day at a time and keep giggling.  smile

Lots of love & hugs coming your way from Wisconsin. 


"One Day At A Time"

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Sandie, I am so sorry to read about your latest in the above posts. Your attitude is what gets you through the best, I know that for sure. I also know from experience that the more you talk about it the less scarier it is. I want to wish you the most good luck ever on the new Chemo. I do think about you a lot and am so glad to hear you have so many good friend to help your journey.

I asked for strength.
                     God gave me difficulties to make me strong.
                                         I asked for wisdom.
                              God gave me problems to solve.
                                        I asked for prosperity.
                         God gave me brawn and brain to work.
                                         I asked for courage.
                           God gave me dangers to overcome.
                                         I asked for patience.
            God placed me in situations where I was forced to wait.
                                         I asked for love.
                     God gave me troubled people to help.
                                         I asked for favors.
                               God gave me opportunities
                               I received nothing I wanted.
                             I received everything I needed.       By Aaron Hoopes


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Hi, Sandie
Ask interventional radiologists whether they can use cryoablation or IMRT or IRE to treat the lymph nodes mets for you. It is not conventional, but I have one lymph node done with cryoablation and it is stable.

God bless

Please know that my personal opinion is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. If  provided, information are for educational purposes.Consult doctor is a MUST for changing of treatment plans.