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My 61 yo mother was diagnosed with this rare cancer in April of 2005. She had a resection in May of 2005 but the surgeon was unable to obtain negative margins. Recovery from the resection was a long process! She was in the hospital for 5 weeks. After healing for a bit longer she started a chemo/radiation treatment. Which seemed to keep the tumors from growing for a bit.

April or May of 2006 her jaundice returned and the Drs were unable to place stents through ERCP procedure so they inserted a drain on her right side. It had a bag attached that we had to drain daily. The drain has helped decrease her biliruben count, but is no longer draining outside her body. It seems to be draining on the inside. Which is great, but now mom has this drain on the outside of her body that she has to deal with daily. Her biliruben count is still at about 500+ and only seems to go down about .5 pt at a time.

The last CT scan mom had in July shows the tumors were growing again and the chemo doesn't seem to be stopping them. In June of 2006 a CT scan shows an additional tumor on the right side of her abdomen. It's not attached to any vital organs but it has grown .5 cm in size since it was discovered in June 2005. Now her Oncologist says the CT scan shows the tumors on the outside of the bile ducts as well as the inside. I asked her Doc if this means the cancer has mestasisized and says yes! Not what I wanted to hear............

Mom has chosen to no longer do Chemo as it is quality of life vs. quantity. I think the toughest thing about the whole disease is watching my mother sit in a chair every day, unable to cook, clean and take care of her family like she has for years!!! My mom is a very strong woman who constantly kept busy. Now she is not able to do much of anything. She get's up every morning and makes her bed and get's dressed. That usually takes up all of the energy she has for the day. Some days are better than others, but for the most part she watches tv.

I would like to thank everyone on the boards for posting as reading everyone's experiences help.


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Hi Alicia,

I read your message and I'm so sorry to hear about your mum. You are right that it is a rare cancer  and in fact there is no definite treatment. My mum was also diagnosed from the same disease on May 2006 . Because of her age The doctors did not recommend any treatment, neither a surgery nor chemo . My mum is 71 years old .
She doesn't feel good anymore. She is very weak and has ascities . Also she has nausea and doesn't want to eat anything.
It is too hard to see her in such a bad position but every time something changes I worry and then get use to it.  and life goes on .

I pray for your mum. Take care Alicia..


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Hi Figen,

I will keep you mum in my prayers, also.  All we can do now is pray our loved ones do not suffer a great deal. 

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.