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Hello to all and I hope your holidays were merry and bright! I don't post often but I am always thinking of the wonderful people on this site..I haven't posted in a while so just a little update I was first diagnosed with CC in Oct of 2009...after stents and chemo and generally not knowing what was going on I got a 2nd opinion from Myron Schwartz at Mt Sinai who deemed me operable and I had my 1st resection in Jan of 2010....after 6 months of adjuvant chemo with Dr Howard Bruckner I was turned loose....about 2 years later I had a recurrence with 2 lesions on my second resection was in Aug of 2012....I did not choose to do chemo after this surgery. In Feb of 2013 I started to become distended and my stomach was rock hard....after a CT and ultrasound it was found that I had a lesion on my ovary so off to a Gyn/Onc Dr. Rahaman also of Mt March he performed a laparoscopy in which he removed my right ovary and after frozen section determined that it was CC. He then referred me back to Dr Bruckner for chemotherapy. I have been receiving treatment since April 2013 I did have 2 clean CT scans prior to my clear PET scan yesterday...i will now do maintenance chemotherapy 2 x a month and have scans every 4 months...If someone would have asked me what I thought my prognosis was 4 years ago I probably would have said not very good. It is amazing the progress although never enough that has been made in the 4 years since my diagnosis. I'am thankful for so many things! I know it's been said many, many times on this site but get 2nd, even 3rd opinions be your own advocate or have a friend or family member help you...ask questions but most of all and I know this can possibly be the most difficult don't lose hope!

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Oh, Nancy thank you so much for the best wake up news! Congratulations to you, you are a true warrior and survivor! We so need these hopeful, miracle stories! And you are so right about the  2nd, 3rd, 4th opinions we simply cannot stress that enough!  Stay warm up there and as always keep us updated on your fantastic progress. I am so very happy for you!

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Nancy - what a wonderful post.  So very happy for you.  You have had a very rough four years, but to be blessed with maintenance chemo and a scan every 4 months is certainly worth celebrating.  WooHoo!

Wishing all God's blessings!

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Nancy.....what a way to start the day.  Incredible, fantastic news.  I so much agree with your comments and am thankful for your sharing it with us. 


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I am a patient  of this disease  for more than 4 and half years; all I can say is thank God for the chance to live as long as He has given to me and I always start to prepare for the next hurdle that may comes up on the horizon;hopefully I can finish the 110 meter hurdle race in time for the word "cholangiocarcinoma" to be disappeared  from the dictionary.

God bless.

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Thank you for writing in!! It is great to hear from people who are several years out from original diagnosis.

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What wonderful news.  I am so happy for you.  It is always good to hear of successes like yours.   Good luck to you with your continued maintenance and scans.

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What wonderful news.  Congratulations and good luck on your continued journey smile

Hope, love, strength...2013 and for the years to come, Porter.

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Thanks for that Nancy, great news and many thanks for sharing it with us all! And I wish you every success with your treatments and scans too. Let us know how things go for you and thanks once again.



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Nancy, thanks for letting us know! Such wonderful news needs to be shared!! And it gives us hope!
I am so glad your PET was clear... Now just deal with the maintenance and keep on living!

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