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Hi Everyone,

I am happy to report that my CT scan showed a 10% decrease in all my tumors!!!  This is after six Gem/Cis treatments.  So based on the good news, we've decided to stick with this treatment.  I am taking a three week break from chemo and going to Florida to visit family and then do a five day trip to Key West!!!  I leave on Wednesday, 1/15 and will be happy to get out of NJ and the cold, cold weather and snow we've been having.  I will start back up on Gem/Cis on 1/29.

I did have two major issues with this treatment.  One is my stomach was distended so much that it made me uncomfortable and almost impossible to fit into normal clothes or move around normally.  Because of that, the doctor sent me over to the hospital today and they drained five liters of fluid from my abdomen.  It was amazing the instant relief I felt.  They will have the fluid checked but the doctor is not too concerned about it.  She said there may be cancer cells in the fluid but suspects the fluid build up is more from the portal vein blood clot I have.  These types of clots do not travel to the lungs or heart so there is no danger in that or a need for blood thinner.  I am going to start taking water pills tomorrow (Saturday) and will be re-assessed for that when I return from vacation and start treatment on 1/29.

The second major issues with the Gem/Cis was extreme feet and leg swelling.  I am seeing a lymphedema physical therapist and will have leg wrapping done for that when I return from vacation.  I will see her before I leave and she will show me techniques that I can use to make me more comfortable while I'm away.

Thank you all for your prayers and positive thoughts.  Everyday I pray for the cholangiocarcinoma family, and our caregivers, and ask for new treatments to help us fight this terrible disease.

Peace to all,

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Mary....I am over the moon for you....the trip to Florida is around the corner.  Enjoy, dear Mary but then I know that you will do just that.


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HI Mary great news to hear that the treatment is working and they are seeing decrease in size.  It sounds like you have a wonderful trip planned, go enjoy and try to relax.  I hope you find some relief from some of these other side effects you are having.  Take care.

Hope, love, strength...2013 and for the years to come, Porter.

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Dearest Mary, Great, great post! I am so happy for you and then to get to take a trip on top of it! Love, love Key West. You so deserve this break and also to get under that wonderful warm sun. My wish for you is to keep the good news rolling!


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Dear Mary,  What wonderful news.  Enjoy your trip and especially Key West.  Stay strong stay positive and have a great time.  Looking forward to hearing more good news from you in the future. 

Love & Hugs,

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Congratulations, Mary!!!!  I'm so thrilled for you!  What a lovely present before your vacation.  I hope you have a fabulous time in Key West!  My parents went last year and they loved it. 

Here's to even more shrinkage in 2014!!


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Great news!  Enjoy your trip.

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Great news Mary, thanks so much for sharing it! Hope that you enjoy your trip to Florida and I am sure that you will not miss the snow and ice down there! Have a great time!



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Thank you for sharing this news... The fabulous news and the details about ascites. This helps more than you know.
That is SUCH good news about the gem Cis working! Also very happy to hear you're taking a tiny break to vacation.. Enjoy yourself!


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Great news Mary!  So happy you are getting a chance to travel to Florida and see family - and oh...the Keys.  What a wonderful place to just relax and let go.  Have a fabulous time - you so deserve it.

Wishing all God's blessings!

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Great news to take on vacation with you!  Enjoy your time away.


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Wonderful news Mary! I wonder if I could stow away in your suitcase....It's not so cold here in the NW but the rain is awful right now. Have a great time on vacation.


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Thank you everyone for your kind words and continued encouragement going forward.  I wish you could all come to Key West with me and we could stand on the beach and stamp out cholangiocarcinoma for good!!!  I will continue to pray for everyone, including our caregivers who endure so much for us.

Stay strong and thanks again for rooting for me!


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Yay, Mary!! I was hoping for some good news for you!! Wonderful! Now, go enjoy your vacation. You've earned it!

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Thanks Kris.  I'm so looking forward to vacation - we fly out this Wednesday!!!

How are you feeling these days - did you get over the cold symptoms you were having?


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Wonderful news, Mary!! Have a lovely vacation. You sure deserve it!!

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