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Has anyone tried this and found any successful results?

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rjoday....... I have been taking milk thistle once a day.  A couple others on this site take as well.  As far as working or successful results, my liver tumor remains stable is all I can say.  I surely don't think it has done any harm.
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I have been taking milk thistle three times a day since I was diagnosed four years ago. I'm convinced it's one of the reasons I'm doing well and that, though I had a recurrence, it hasn't gotten into my liver.

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I take milk thistle every day. Before I started taking the milk thistle, I never had a platelet count above 95k. (I have chronic low platelets from 20+ years of hepatitis B infection and cirrhosis). After starting the milk thistle I have consistently had platelet counts of 103-123k, which is my best ever in 15 years. I am convinced the milk thistle is responsible in part for this change.

In addition, milk thistle is thought to potentiate chemotherapy treatment. There is a phase II study regarding milk thistle in conjunction with chemotherapy for hepatocellular carcinoma. (see

Anyone else out there taking milk thistle?

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