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Good morning everyone!

I made it home from NIH late last night. My brother, Danny and I met with the docs yesterday and results were good! More than good if you ask overall shrinkage is 26%!! I got to look at the scans from December 5th trip and compare to this time and even I can physically see the difference in the tumor size. Looks like those little buggers have been on a diet!

In comparison to my first treatment, I am ahead of the game. It took me 7 months to reach this percentage the first time and only 2 and a half months this time. They found some of the cells from my first treatment in the tumors they resected this treatment. So we know that the cells were at the tumor trying to fight.....hoping by putting 3X the cells this time and the specific cell will make the difference this go around.

The docs are excited and they truly care! They are all so amazing and really good people. I have never felt like a number or a science experiment throughout this process. I go back February 18th and am praying for continued success and breakthroughs.....for all of us on this journey!!

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Wow, Melinda, that is fabulous news!!! Thanks for sharing right away and keep us updated!!


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Congrats on the shrinkage, that is fabulous news!

Hope, love, strength...2013 and for the years to come, Porter.

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Brilliant news Melinda, thanks for sharing! My fingers are crossed for further shrinkage for you!! And please let us know how you get on with everything.

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Thank you so much everyone!:)