Topic: CA 19-9 lab values

Hello, all:

I have my CA 19-9 level checked at each lab visit. I know this is a tumor marker and is supposed to indicate the level of activity of the cancer. However, I have no frame of reference. Normal is under 35, but what is considred "high" or "medium-high" or "through the roof"? Mine have been hanging around 58-64 for the past 4 months.

Can anyone contribute to my understanding of this mysterious tumor marker? Thanks!

Violarob in Texas

Re: CA 19-9 lab values

Hello Violarob:  My husband's count after his Whipple 3 years ago was always about 17. In February it went to 37, April  to 43 and the end of April to 60. We felt something was "brewing" but nothing showed. The beginning of May he had an MRI instead of a CT Scan and it showed cancer had returned to where his duodenum used to be. With this said, he is having cyber knife next month and the doctor feels that he will get the little demon once again. I guess to me logically, if the number is higher than it should be then something is happening that should not be.

Any suggestion I offer is intended as friendly advice based solely on my own experience. Please consult your doctor for professional guidance.