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Hi CC Family! My Sister-in-law, Maria, Teddy's Sister, is coming in for a week to stay with me tomorrow. For those of you who remember back when, her husband is the Lead Tenor of the Four Lads. They have a gig here tomorrow night. I am going to attempt  to go with her and my daughter as I have had one of those flus that lasts weeks but my GI said, you GO and have some fun,
sit either in the last row or the first row and you will be OK. Then Monday we are going to my Psychic! Anyway this is to let you know I will be on sporadically for the next week. I want to take this time to try and have some fun as I have a new problem. First I am getting my 5th Remicade infusion the 13th for the U.C. Now a benign tumor has appeared in my head and is pushing on the left side of the brain. A lot of what I thought were side effects may be from that. Feb 10th I get to wear an EEG for 24 hours then a Neuro Surgeon will be called but it has to come out. Oh, its called a Meniginoma (sp). We shall top that off with my 6 month scan for the Cancer I had 5 years ago! Sorry for the LONG Organ Recital! Wishing the best to all of you until I return full time.


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Oh, Lainy, if anyone deserves a break and some fun, it's you!  Have a great time with your sister-in-law, rest and relax and enjoy.

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Have some fun and enjoy.  smile

Love & Hugs,

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Hi Momma,

Hope you and Maria have a blast, I'm sure that you gals will! You so deserve to have some fun and I'm sure that seeing the Four Lads will be good. Take the week and have lots of fun!! As I said to you before, you know I'll be keeping everything crossed for you with the upcoming treatments and scans.

Have a great time next week and take a big hug too,


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Thanks everyone. Maria is a stitch! We get along more like Sisters and she has called me daily since Teddy is gone. With that said I love her dearly but she is that Sicilian woman you see in movies where a family pays her to come to a funeral or wedding and sit and cry! The Sicilian drama queen! LOL  In fact when I told her about the new tumor in my head she was crying, I was laughing and I said, "Maria when I feeling like crying, I will call you and you can cry for me!" It will be fun.


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I am so sorry to hear of your new medical issues. You deserve a break! Enjoy your company!


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Enjoy Lainey and I can't wait to hear about the psychic.


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Enjoy your time off!! Tell Maria you ain't paying her to cry so she better not!! lol
Seriously, I am glad you can have some fun! You deserve a break!
Keeping everything crossed and having a talk with Him about getting you some white light and a bit of GOOD news.

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