Topic: CT/PET Scan - Necessary?

My Mom was diagnosed with inoperable CC - no chemo or radiation either. She was told that the cancer had spread to her liver, pancreas and gallbladder and was given months to live. Today, she received a call from the hospital to schedule an appointment for a CT /PET Scan for mid-March. What purpose would this serve at this point? Is it common to have such a scan when she was told that there isn't anything they could do for her other than make her comfortable and is already seeing a Palliative Care Specialist?

Re: CT/PET Scan - Necessary?

Fellini, the decision to PET or not is up to your mom and you. Like I said in your other post I do not feel they are doing enough for her comfort and that may be part of the problem. I hope that where she is being treated they have lots of experience with CC. Has the ONC mentioned Hospice?

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