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Hello all,

I have been reading your posts for about two days trying to figure out this terrible disease and they have all been very helpful (although I am still confused). My mom was just diagnosed with cc. I am trying to find out all the information I can for her. She hasn't been sick really but it started with pain in her right shoulder and high calcium. They finally did a CT scan and saw a tumor on her liver (approx 8cm). They then had her do a colonoscopy and checked her stomach etc trying to find out where it started. Nothing was found on those tests. She then had a biopsy of the liver tumor. It took pathology a few days but they finally decided on cc. Looking at her blood test etc all her levels are normal except she has high cholesterol (not too high which she has had for awhile and was on med for this) and is pre-diabetic. Her bilirubin level etc where fine. She does have some discomfort when she eats (especially food with more fat).

She is starting  chemo today once a week for three weeks using Gemzar "Gemitabine" and also taking tablets daily for 30 days Tarceva "erlotinib". I haven't seen anything on here about Tarceva - has anyone been on this? I found that they use it for small cell lung cancer. They said she could not have surgery because it had spread to her liver but it seems like others have had surgery with this being the case.

Any advice you can give would greatly be appreciated. I think I am still in shock right now. I am hoping we can find her something to help her hang on for awhile. I am having my first child soon and really want to be able to share that with her. My god bless you all.


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It might depend on where it has spread in the liver. You need a certain percentage of the liver and at least one clean lobe. So if your moms cancer has spread through all the lobes, that might be the problem. Or it could be that your doctor was conservative. As always (people will be in here soon saying this over and over and it is the best advice with CC, second and third opinions are very important.

I am sorry you are being touched by this beast.


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Hi Dawn ... Sorry to hear about your Mom.  I agree with what Kris said 100%.
God Bless, Jeff G.

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I third the opinion that another opinion (at least) is neccessary! My husband got a big "no" to surgery from the Mayo Clinic in April. We leave Tuesday for the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center - for surgery - a liver resection - so - you never know until you try.